Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mother “At the end of her tether” over mould

A SOUTH OCKENDON mother has told YT that she is closing to breaking over problems with mould in her council flat.

Mother-of-two, Laura Philpott has been in the flat for two years but says the living conditions are becoming intolerable.

Although Laura lives in the Belhus ward, she contacted Ockendon councillors, Lynn Carr and Barry Johnson, who have been running a long long campaign to improve housing conditions in the borough.

We spoke to Laura in her flat in Cranall Green and then spoke to Lynn Carr about the progress she has made in securing better housing conditions.



  1. Sadly this poor mother’s plight is one of many in Thurrock, it would be lovely to hear some positive news that TBC have used the 2 million pounds put aside for damp and mould in a positive manner instead of throwing it at incompetent surveyors and work force. It is refreshing to see Lynn and Barry taking the lead on this for the Belhus residents, unfortunately we have 3 Labour
    Cllrs that seem to lack any ability to understand or even care that their tenants especially the children are suffering, and through their ignorance children will die through inhaling Toxic mould. Two years ago I constantly fought for a young family who lived in these flats, I’m sure Barry will remember the fear this young mum had for her unborn child, the whole family was suffering health wise. She exhausted every avenue over two years, and begged for help from her Cllr Wendy Curtis but to no avail. Even the Chief executive Graham Farrent ignored her plea. I brought this up with Barbara Brownlee to be told that she would never move this family. What chance has a tenant got when the Director of Housing has taken offence and will block any possible move or repairs.TBC have by law a duty of care to every tenant.

  2. Why is it it’s taken a conservative councillor in a neighbouring ward i.e. Lynn Carr and not the elected Belhus ward Labour councillors to raise the profile on this soul destroying case? That’s dedication Lynn taking on cases outside your ward to help people where their own elected Councilors fail them. Is it they are also up on the ivory towers looking down on us minions. This is the beauty of you Lynn you relate well with council tenants as you have been one yourself and know the anguish and life changing effects Damp and Mould can have on a family. Girl, your most pleasing attributes are the power within you find to fight against the injustice of living with Damp and Mould along with Snakebiteuk and poor living conditions in council properties. I ask again why is it the elected Labour councillors are not so driven as you? The answer…they sit it their palacious homes free from Damp and Mould at the top of that ivory tower with the other parasite a lifetime away from reality in Thurrock and who attacked the Tory’s for where they live. Shame on you Val Morris Cook for not responding to the request to disclose where you live. SnakebiteUK, you know yourself how difficult it is to get Thurrock Council to act on Damp and Mould. Lynn, They really don’t get it painting over the problem does not solve the problem you have to dig deeper to find the route cause and sadly, taking pictures again and again does nothing in keeping that Ford Capri road worthy. I’ve just spent my Sunday evening talking through issues with a tenant in their council flat which yes has damp and mould. The tenant is suffering from COPD which I have been advised that it was diagnosed shortly after taking tenancy on this property. I will say it was a pleasure to have given up my Sunday and been in their company but on a more serious matter why are Thurrock Council not pulling all of the properties with Damp and Mould and making them top priority for works to be carried out over and above whatever year they are under this 5 year programme? Currently, this council has as much speed as “Brian” from the Magic Roundabout 1970’s same era as the Ford Capri and the era where Thurrock Council are currently stuck. A private landlord would not get away with such shameful living conditions so why should Thurrock Council? It’s shameful. I wish this family in Belhus good luck with the plight to be free from Damp and Mould…

    The facts about black Mould. It is important to point out that exposure to Black Mould is unhealthy for everyone; however there are certain groups of people who are more susceptible to the effects of mould. For example, Infants, Children, the elderly, Aids patients, people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment , pregnant women, people with prior respiratory conditions such as Asthma, anyone with a compromised immune system are all at a higher risk for becoming inflicted with health problems associated with Black Mould. The information I have given is widley documented,World Health Organisation. Tez I would suggest you advice your tenant to seek medical intervention asap, unfortunately as I have written they are a prime candidate for Aspergilloses. So sorry to frighten people but the facts are if you are not diagnosed in the early stages you will die within 5 years, documented on the Aspergillus Centre Manchester.
    As for Lynns comments as to why she is having to do our Belhus Cllrs work for them, let me remind her that all three Belhus Cllrs fought against me with my campaign, they still are, they have very little interest in the affairs of there long suffering tenants, sadly we see Cllr Charlie Curtis becoming Mayor of the borough and this year we will have the privilege of seeing his wife Wendy Curtis become Mayoress after just four years in office!!! Oh please, help your residents instead of helping yourselves first, it would go a long way to saving lives.


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