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Bugler trumpet Ofsted triumph!

ARTHUR BUGLER Junior School were in celebratory mood after receiving a “Good” grading from government watchdog, Ofsted.

Their last inspection told them that they “Required Improvement” and that is exactly what they did!

The report made the following observations.

1. Actions taken by the interim headteacher and  senior leaders to improve teaching and pupils’ achievement have been very effective.

2. Pupils behave well and feel safe both in lessons and around the school. They are proud of their school and are keen to learn.
3. There is a strong sense of community around the school, demonstrating the strong promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.

4. Standards reached by pupils at the end of Year 6 have risen and are now above average in reading, writing and mathematics.

5. Teaching is good, with some that is outstanding. Teachers and teaching assistants use their good subject knowledge to ask probing questions to check and promote pupils’ understanding. As a result all pupils make good progress.

6. Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs achieve well because teachers accurately assess their progress and plan appropriately challenging tasks.

The report is a triumph for the interim head, Karen Phillips and her team.

Chair of governors, Andrew Walker said: “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Arthur Bugler the school had made great progress since the last inspection.

“I was particularly pleased that the Inspectors reported observing all good and some outstanding teaching, good pupil behaviour, that pupils are keen and enthusiastic to learn, and all pupils make good and sometimes outstanding progress in their learning.

“Inspectors also recognised that there is a continuous pursuit of high standards in all aspects of the school’s work.”

Mr Walker added: “We do continually aim to make great progress and to provide the best education possible for all the children of the Arthur Bugler Community and the Inspectors findings were a testament to the way that Arthur Bugler Junior and Infant Schools are working together in pursuit of the highest standards possible for all the children at Arthur Bugler.

“When an inspector asked one pupil what they thought of their school their reply was “I give it one million out of ten!”.

“The report also stated that there was found to be a strong sense of school community and described that community as warm and caring and everyone at Arthur Bugler agrees!”bugler2


  1. I am proud to say my daughter is a Learning Support Assistant at this school, she and the staff work tirelessly. My granddaughter has just recently been moved to this school from Corringham Primary, what a difference it has made, not only academically but also on an emotional level. Well Done Arthur Bugler.

  2. Snakebiteuk, “not only academically but also on an emotional level”!

    Fab news! Education should not be just about ‘qualifications’ and it’s extremely pleasing to hear that a school has been recognised as ‘Good’, whilst promoting Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning!

  3. Well done to all staff. My wife works here and it’s great to see all those long hours (including week nights, weekends and school holidays) being rewarded


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