Friday, September 22, 2023

UKIP to hold public meeting

UKIP Thurrock will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday 8th April.

Speaking will be UKIP MEP candidates Patrick O’Flynn and Tim Aker. UKIP Thurrock will also be introducing a Labour defector, who will explain why she joined the party, as well as the party’s prospective candidates for the Thurrock local elections to be held on the same day as the European Elections on May 22nd.

The meeting will be held at the Orsett Hall, Prince Charles Avenue, Orsett, RM16 3HS and will be from 7PM onwards. There is no need to book, the meeting is open to everyone.

Tim Aker said “This is the year that UKIP is re-shaping British politics. In Thurrock we have an opportunity to completely change the council, increase UKIP representation and give residents a stronger voice in the council chamber. Nationally, we can cause a political earthquake in the European Elections and start the ball rolling to elect our first MPs in 2015. I hope many Thurrock residents will come and hear what we’re about, ask us questions and leave more informed about UKIP and what we stand for.”


  1. Showing your ignorance again Myles! Once again, you choose abuse and ignorance instead as your favoured mode of communication. You really are quite a sad individual aren’t you? You try to come across as an intellectual man of reason when, actually, you’re a dullard and a bore.

    However, you can redeem yourself by attending the meeting (it’s free so no excuse) and hearing first hand what Ukip stand for. Maybe you can go and meet some of the members, I doubt you’ll find any loons but you may come across some ordinary, decent folks instead. Go on, I dare you.

  2. Perhaps Miles could try and sell his loony ‘Bedroom Tax’ ideas to the ‘loons’ and ‘loopers’.

  3. Seat Winner 2015 – Thurrock Latest from Ladbrokes
    Liberal Democrats

  4. Valen, whilst you may not agree with the UKIP policies classing a growing majority of people as right wing loons and xenophobic loopers just belittles yourself, I thought you were more intellectual than that but to lower yourself to name calling just proves against that.

    It is strange that anyone that is prepared to stand up and debate the issue of immigration and the impact on the country is seen as a xenophobe or racist, these subjects should be discussed by all parties so people have an informed judgment on the subject rather than one sided doctrine from a single political party.

  5. Lambo – I did discuss immigration in my blog entitled “Goodbye and Good Luck” but people spent absolutely no time debating the issue of immigration. The topic of conversation was what they thought of me as a person and whether they were glad to see the back of me or not.

    UKIP is a right-wing party, a fact that cannot be denied. UKIP wants the UK out of the EU and has a bad attitude towards foreigners (the definition of xenophobia), another fact that cannot be denied. UKIP’s candidates across the country have said some of the most outrageous things which have branded themselves as loonies. UKIP also have a prehistoric notion of women’s rights (current policy) and have suggested on giving the rich tax breaks whilst increasing taxes for the poor (current policy). They have shown themselves to be as out-of-touch as the Cameronite Tories and as hateful.

    Supporters of UKIP, therefore, must exhibit the same values and beliefs as the party they now wish to follow. I am, therefore, making a logical asumption as to UKIP supporters basic natures based on the party they now support so it’s not name-calling, it’s reporting a fact.

  6. It’s pointless trying to debate or get sense out of Myles Cook, as soon as you pin him down on a fact he’s got wrong he starts back-tracking. All you need to know about Myles is that he calls himself Valen. Valen is a semi-messianic character from the Sci Fi show Babylon 5. And he calls me a loon!

  7. Valen, I will have to have a read of that blog, I must have missed it or cant recall it.

    As for members of UKIP saying outrageous things which makes them loons I would assume that this can be labeled at any of the political parties, unfortunately the media seem to be picking on UKIP and completely ignoring all the other “loons” from other party members, blimey you could write a book on Dianne Abbotts rants 🙂

    As for wanting out of the EU this may be a good thing, after all they are governed by an unelected committee and once again the EU finances have been questioned and the signing off of the accounts has been refused.

    The EU are keeping prices high due to their import regulations and as a member of the EU the UK are not allowed to have free trade outside of the EU without jumping through all the EU hoops.

    Personally I think immigration is a good thing but not unrestricted immigration, we need to have regulations in place to limit the amount of economic migrants enter the country, we also need stronger regulations to stop health tourists clogging up the already ailing NHS.

    I suppose in your eyes I am seen as a right wing loon…….


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