Saturday, April 13, 2024

Chadwell Hill travellers refuse to budge

AN order for travellers to move from Chadwell Hill has been ignored.

As reported on Monday, a group of five caravans moved onto the area of green on Sunday night. Thurrock Council sprung into action and liaised with the Essex County Travellers Unit (ECTU) who issued a Direction to Leave on Monday afternoon.

They were due to leave on Wednesday at 4pm. However, by Thursday morning, not only had not moved but their numbers had swelled considerably.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “The Direction to Leave was ignored.  The council is now taking the court route. A summons was obtained yesterday and was served at 9.30am this morning.

“This requires them to appear at Chelmsford Magistrate Court on Monday 7 April”.


  1. This just shows how much these travelers (I use that term lightly) respect the laws of the land, they continue to stick two fingers up at the establishment and then expect us all to bend over backwards when they want help

  2. These people think that our laws don’t apply to them, and that is often the case it appears.
    They have their own rules of life and just take advantage of ours. How many pay NI and tax when they do their roof repair jobs etc.? When I used to live in Ockendon they often had new cars without road tax even.

  3. Lambo.
    This subject doesn’t seem to be of any concern to any of our other online blogger friends.
    Perhaps its too near election time?
    Monday am. 7 vans still there.


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