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Thurrock MP has “no confidence” in Thurrock Council planning committee

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle Price (JDP) has declared that she has no ‘confidence in the planning committee” of Thurrock Council.

The outburst came on social media hub,Twitter as Ms Doyle Price was “discussing” the application for 501 homes on the old firemans club on Purfleet Road, Aveley, that is now the subject of a public inquiry.

The initial conversations seemed to centre around which party had made the most robust defence of the Green Belt.

JDP then challenged Thurrock Labour councillor, Angie Gaywood saying:

1. “I take this from you, you share my position of no confidence in the committee and the Labour chair (cllr Terry Hipsey)”

2. “I have made representations to the planning inquiry on Aveley, have you?”

3. “Cannot believe that Thurrock Council officers are expected to defending an indefensible decision.”

YT asked Ms Doyle Price about her comments regarding the application . She said: “It is reflected in my submission to the planning inquiry for the Aveley LFB site. The decision is in complete defiance of Thurrock policy and a competent committee would not have made it.

So, we took the first matter and asked members of the planning committee to respond.

Conservative councillor for South Chafford, cllr Tunde Ojetola said:

“The Planning Committee members have an important duty to make vital decisions which has a long term impact on everyday lives.

“The decisions are made as a committee not on partisan lines. I have had training, read the policies and listened to debates put forward for and against decisions. I then balance that against the officers’ reports and recommendations.

“I am not always pleased with the decisions that the committee make, but I would rather have a committee of elected (and accountable) local councillors than an undemocratically appointed quango making decisions on our behalf.

“A few of the decisions the Committee has made have been overturned on appeal, but majority have stood. We can’t please all the people all the time and the same it is with the planning committee, there will always be winners and losers. Over the past year, all the decisions I have made have been based on robust advice from planning officers and legal experts in attendance, in conjunction with planning legislation, guidance, regulations, case law, and Thurrock planning policies.

“Finally, I receive numerous correspondence for and against most applications, which I declare at meetings.”

Conservative councillor for Ockendon, cllr Barry Johnson said: “It is all about opinions really. Jackie is entitled to hers and as an elected member of the council who volunteered to sit on planning so do I.

“All members must have the relevant training to sit on the committee. I will never allow green belt to be developed without what I consider good reason.

“However I will make the point and it is something that I have mentioned at past meetings and that is if a planning application is aligned to green belt and it is not in the local plan,why is it brought to committee for a decision if as is being suggested there should be only one decision to turn it down?

“I will say again that I am the elected person asked to sit on a committee to take into consideration many things including policy the effect on local people both positive and negative which I believe I do not fail in so doing”.

Labour councillor for Stanford East and Corringham Town, cllr Richard Speight said:

“Yes, I do have confidence in the planning committee. I don’t always agree with the final decisions made by the committee. I didn’t agree, for example, with the Aveley fire station development. But it’s a committee with nine members each of whom has their own views that they bring their own experience to and I have confidence in the democratic process of the committee.
“I’ve never spoken to Jackie Doyle Price (JDP) or Stephen Metcalfe about planning or to the best of my recollection received any representation from them on any application.
“I hadn’t heard JDP say anything publicly about planning up until a major planning issue reared it’s head in a ward where they are fighting a desperate rearguard action against UKIP.
Labour councillor for Tilbury St Chads, cllr Steve Liddiard said:
“Yes, I have every confidence in our committee, our performance statistics are very good.
Ms Doyle Price seems to be unhappy about the decision to allow the Aveley Fire Brigade club grounds to be developed. I feel it is green belt and should be protected. I voted accordingly.
Labour councillor for Grays Riverside, cllr Martin Healy said: 
“I am deeply saddened by  Ms Doyle Price’s conduct. Her derogatory comments say more about our MP and her privileged offices of MP than it does about us humble ones who serve at the council and the good people of thurrock, we all seek to represent”.
Labour councillor for Stanford West, cllr Terry Hipsey (and chair of the committee) said: 
“It has been recognised by the chief executive of the council and external agencies that the planning committee is one of the most improved in the country. Infact, I do believe that it is no ranked in the top ten in the country.
“I have total confidence in my committee and the work that we do. I don’t make statements on live applications.”
Labour councillor for Belhus, cllr Charlie Curtis said:
“There are some applications we agree with and some that we do not. Otherwise, what is the point of turning up to the meetings?
YT has not received a response from cllr Palmer and Anderson at the time of publication.




  1. So, Jackie Doyle-Price has no confidence in the council’s planning committee. Well here’s the thing, Jackie, a lot of people have absolutely no confidence in you as a representative for Thurrock in Parliament. You can’t help being ineffectual when you barely know where Thurrock is (only turning up for big media events), you have no thoughts in your head that aren’t put there for you by your party leaders and you block the e-mail addresses of people you disagree with so they can’t engage with you via e-mail. You are one of the most contemptable people in the UK at the moment, not because you’re a Tory but simply because you don’t do your job properly.

    I have been to Planning Committee meetings for this site and, although I have not always agreed with some of their decisions, the decisions have always been made in a non-partisan approach as have all the various council committee decisions.

    Jackie Doyle-Price only gets involved in local matters when it looks like it may affect her re-election and this is no different.

    I totally agree with every statement offered by the committee members regardless of their party affiliation because they are telling the truth.

    I especially agree with Cllr Healy’s comment though. Spot on, sir!

  2. Don’t tell me – there are elections coming up!!

    Our MP claimed that the Aveley development would not benefit Aveley as the majority of S106 money would not be going to Aveley. Wrong! I suspect she didn’t read the agenda item for the proposal – I did. Mr Pickles has been make aware of the errors in her letter to him. I hope Mr Pickles take that into account when the Inquiry reports back to him.

  3. Very interesting what both the Conservative councillor say, especially as both have voted in favour of the Aveley development which Jackie Doyle Price is talking about, what is saying that neither of these Tory councillors are up to the job???

  4. Jackie Doyle Price has knifed fellow tories in the back. I am no longer voting tory and will vote UKIP till she is gone. I expect many other tories will vote UKIP this election.

  5. I totally agree with Valen (Myles) Cook the decision the MP has been talking about was a cross-party decision, and as we all know members of the planning committee cannot be whipped in a planning consideration, it will be interesting to see if the two Tory members who voted in favour of this development are replaced if they are this would show contempt for that rule
    I also think the MP in question did not think this application would pass that is why she was so slow off the mark to start her petition in Aveley, when she had a whole year beforehand to vent her criticisms and voice her concerns before the application passed, which would have been the correct procedure
    She now seems content to bad mouth the Tory membership of the planning committee, I personally cannot wait for the next general election so we can all say goodbye to this particular nauseating excuse for a MP

  6. Jackie Doyle Price I live in Aveley, I attended the forum meeting regarding this application, the people present were Thurrock councils planning officers,local residents, I didn’t see you or Cllr Pearce or Cllr Heard and when people questioned where are their local councillors, we was told they was invited but didn’t turn up, so it beggars belief that you are trying to discredit all the elected member that are part of the decision making process on the planning committee and Thurrock councils officers, furthermore it was also documented that the Tories and labour members voted on green belt behind closed doors.for example two sites of national importance was adopted in the local development framework both biodiversity sites, you seem to preach about green belt but these two sites are of national importance the leader of the conservatives Party councillor Anderson voted for regeneration for these two sites for large housing developments. ARENA ESSEX (houses)National Red Data- Essex Botany and Mycology Groups Data books recorded from essex Arena Arkesdan plant possibly native- Anisantha
    I believe a lorry Park for 500 HGVs and 1100 homes a very large development for ICG
    .. species of national importance inhabiting the site
    The creation of the ash lagoons subsequently attracted a range of wildlife, in particular migratory birds and waterfowl. As a result the site was designated (Under the provisions of the Wildlife Countryside Act 1981) as a Site of Special Wildlife Interest. This designation was made prior to 1993, furthermore another site owned by ICG a Chemical pit. Now I have to question why you did not speak out against these two sites, and in my opinion only! I feel because you run your election campaign from a porta cabin In the ICG site and their political donations to the Conservatives twice documented, furthermore their close friendship with a few senior Tories, and Arena essex Councillor Phil Anderson,along with Councillor Kent Signed off the LDF, because they agreed with developments in the green belt along with 47 other councillors who voted for over two thousand houses in the Green belt, How low can you get,to Attack two long standing members of the Planning Committee JDP part of your own group because they believe in local democracy, in my opinion you are slandering the committee and the two members of the Tories I believe wouldn’t be bullied they wouldn’t do what Jackie wanted, and I Agree with the other blogger will these two Tories still be members of the planning Committee in May. The worst planning Committee in Thurrock’s was when Tories were in control under Councillor Hauge .( Fact). It shows to me along with other residents you are desperate for votes next year, you are attacking your colleges in the press , you are a hypocrite you could have spoken up against this application, you choose not to you didn’t follow procedure, the local Councillors get £8.000 a year not between £66,000 – £77.000 plus allowances so I take my hat off to the local Councillors of Thurrock because in my opinion they are more in touch with residents needs then you JDP so go jump on another bandwagon or start looking for a new job, your need it next year dear

  7. Apparently the ‘unusual’ Section 106 proposal from the developer including giving up to £800,000 going to be given to a school 8km from the site being developed was the overriding compelling reason why the Planning Committee (or certain member(s) on it) ripped up National and Thurrock Council Green Belt policies.

    The decision to build on the Old Firemans site is very very odd. I am not the biggest fan of Jackie Doyle-Price and have been very critical of her in the past but I think her concerns are well founded.

  8. Ed – But she’s badmouthing members of her own party for a cross-party decision they agreed in sufficient numbers to pass it for her own political ends. Her concerns, therefore, are nonsensical and purely for her narrow-minded personal gain. Even someone like you should see that and be appalled.

  9. JDP where was your voice when local Conservative Councillor Joy Redsell was in the papers and media website constantly while she was a member of the planning committee, meeting developers in hotels without officers present Also supporting a company with 9 illegal buildings some the size of aeroplane hangers. Councillor Redsell was the main mover and shaker in arranging the meetings with a Company because of her 30 year friendship, reported to a government inspector at public enquiry held at Thurrock council, exposed by the Former Chair of planning, so let’s sum this up JDP you fail to mention in my opinion the exploitation of a former member off the Committee who was untruthful, but you attack the whole planning committee for passing green belt
    Where was your voice regarding 340 home to be developed on a golf course, 340 Aveley bypass, tilbury the football club the I could go on and on, however thurrock is two thirds green belt, the population grow, nevertheless people need houses.
    If you pay for an agent to represent your Development submit a Planning application meet with planning officers, discuss this with residents and planning officers at forums,go through the proper channels then local Councillors or Officers ask for this to be called in to the Planning Committee, You can speak at the meetings of the Planning Committee before members of the committee take their decision. Anyone who has written to the council about a planning application will be contacted when it is due to go to committee, and told how they can speak at the committee.

    Who can speak at a Planning Committee meeting

    The following can speak when a planning application is being considered:

    an applicant or their agent or representative
    an objector or their representative
    a ward councillor
    any member of the committee, within the rules of the members’ code of conduct in the council’s constitution

    then they make their decision to Approve a Green belt application or refuse it, that’s called Democracy. Your abstruseness shows how ignorant you are regarding planning applications! JDP if you accept you had a year to speak out against this particular application for example, broadcast your objection on Facebook, like all your other issues or write in to democratic services and voice your opinion WHAT MOST OBJECTORS DO
    Not be-treacherous and attack the planning committee members or in other press interviews attacked the developer, you seem obsessed lately about this JDP what’s really behind it JDP you are untruthful in the media, did you quote everyone followed the planning process the committee the agent, officers. Unlike you who didn’t object before WHY, in my opinion you thought it would not get approval I hope Thurrock Council take you to book

  10. JDP then challenged Thurrock Labour councillor, Angie Gaywood saying:
    1. “I take this from you; you share my position of no confidence in the committee and the Labour chair (cllr Terry Hipsey)”
    2. “I have made representations to the planning inquiry on Aveley, have you?”
    3. “Cannot believe that Thurrock Council officers are expected to defending an indefensible decision.”
    YT asked Ms Doyle Price about her comments regarding the application . She said: “It is reflected in my submission to the planning inquiry for the Aveley LFB site. The decision is in complete defiance of Thurrock policy and a competent committee would not have made it.
    1. After reading JDS comments it is my belief this is an attempt to bring the Council into disrepute
    2. in her original statement she claimed nobody was afforded the opportunity to talk against the application, it was in fact a supplementary item and as such nobody was entitled to talk for or against the outcome
    3. Thurrock Council’s offices give out recommendations and that’s all they are recommendations
    Regarding her comments about a, competent committee would not have made it
    If Thurrock Council do not refute this allegation they will be left in a position to be sued by the applicant for letting him enter into an unsafe process and wasting his money.

    Although I do not know the gentleman concerned JDP has left him in the unique position of winning either way, because if the call in goes against him, then obviously he will sue Thurrock Council for every penny it possesses well done

    Jackie Doyle Price

  11. superman – You’re quite right about it being an attempt to discredit the council because she hopes to swing public opinion in favour of the Tories so they gain power. I hope, however, as JD-P has slurred members of her own party, that those members will not allow her to get away with it despite the fact that they may benefit from her actions.

    JD-P is a despicable entity (I can’t bring myself to call her human) who I hope will get her comeuppance very soon.


    “I do question whether some members of the planning committee understand their role. It is the planning committee’s job to approve or decline planning applications in line with council policy.”

    On YT Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has welcomed the Government’s decision to refer the Planning application for the London Fire Brigade land to a public enquiry. The decision follows representations made by the MP to the Secretary of State regarding questions over the integrity of the process by which the decision was made.

    On Jackie Doyle price website
    “To listen to members of the committee the Council is simply a staging post with the ultimate decision being made by the Secretary of State. This simply isn’t the case. The Secretary of State will only override a decision made locally if it hasn’t been made fairly.

    “Let us be clear. Thurrock Council is the planning authority and the responsibility for planning decisions and planning policy rests with Thurrock council and no one else. That is localism.

    “So either councillors need training so that they properly understand the planning process or they are wilfully trying to mislead the public to escape accountability for their decisions. Neither is acceptable or conducive to the effective exercise of the planning function in Thurrock.

    “I am reminded of the Collison report of June 2010 which found serious flaws in Thurrock’s planning process, including greenbelt decisions.

    “Collison found that ‘where committee decisions are made contrary to officer recommendations which are based on policy and the decisions are made without adequate explanation, interested observers may conclude that councillors are working to alternative unstated agendas.’ It is why the transparency which will be brought by the planning enquiry is very much needed.”


    Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price had called on Mr Pickles to intervene to examine the planning permission for the 501 homes because, having been lobbied by local residents, she believed it was a flawed decision.

    When are words defamatory?

    Common examples of what may be considered defamatory are allegations that suggest a person is:
    Insolvent or in serious financial difficulties
    Guilty of a criminal offence
    The producer of shoddy goods
    Standards of morality constantly change and so what would have been immoral twenty years ago may not necessarily be so today.

    Determining the meaning of words gives rise to a great degree of uncertainty in a libel action. It is not only the superficial meaning that may be defamatory but also any ‘hidden’ meaning which can be inferred. There are three levels of meaning to be aware of:

    Must the defamatory material refer to the claimant?
    Yes. Clearly if someone is named they are identifiable to readers. However, even if the claimant is not named he may still be identifiable to some readers. It is sufficient that he is reasonably identifiable to even one person with whom he is acquainted. For instance, people with whom an individual works may know to whom the allegation is referring from its context.

    If a defamatory allegation is made of a large, indeterminate group, no one individual be able to show that the words would be understood to refer to him (and therefore that the words would have damaged his reputation). However, if the group is determinate and comprises only a small number of people, it may be possible for every member of that group to sue.

  13. I have been watching this story unfold, and I must say I am astonished we have, JDP intimating she is trying to stop a development in the greenbelt, personally my vision of greenbelt land is somewhere of exceptional beauty together with trees with some wide open spaces , I am at odds to believe this is the case, concerning the old fireman site which mainly consists of football pitches. I think the clue is in the description of the land which is the Fire Brigade sports and social club in Aveley.
    Another point that JDP makes she is concerned about the placement of the 106 monies, in my opinion if the applicant is willing to cough up £800,000 to benefit and further a school that is 8 km from the site, But that each child in Thurrock with special needs will benefit from, is just ridiculous, rather than turning away this windfall, I wonder if the government of which she is a representative of, would be willing to put up the money instead or Thurrock Council? I feel they would not

    I’m also at a loss concerning her ranting and I quote {. The decision is in complete defiance of Thurrock policy and a competent committee would not have made it.}
    I have seen other planning applications that have been successful, that go against Governments policies an example would be the Aveley bypass project, and Ponds farm and Tilbury floodplain not to mention a golf course, just a few passed by Thurrock Council’s planning committee without any allegation of incompetents or the Collison report of June 2010 of which if I remember the Tories held the majority on the planning committee at that time, and no comment made by JDP at that time
    She has now made representation to the Secretary of State, who declares on a weekly basis that more housing is needed and needed now. But I suspect with an upcoming European elections coming up and a general election on the horizon both the Secretary of State and JDP have to perform for the general public by flexing their over inflated egos for the voting public
    Also anybody who cannot see this politically motivated manoeuvre must be blind which is irrefutable considering the amount of greenbelt past in Thurrock within the LDF and outside of this process over the last few years without any comment or concern from JDP
    I now turn to the council leader Councillor John Kent, who has let not only his Labour members of the planning committee down but also Conservative members, Independent councillor Barry Palmer who have also been accused and I quote more comments made by JDP
    {A competent committee would not have made it.} Your Thurrock
    { “So either councillors need training so that they properly understand the planning process or they are wilfully trying to mislead the public to escape accountability for their decisions Date Published: February 20, 2014 Thurrock enquirer}
    {THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle Price (JDP) has declared that she has no ‘confidence in the planning committee” of Thurrock Council. Date posted: 03-04-2014 Your Thurrock}
    {Collison found that ‘where committee decisions are made contrary to officer recommendations which are based on policy and the decisions are made without adequate explanation, interested observers may conclude that councillors are working to alternative unstated agendas.’ Date Published: February 20, 2014 Thurrock enquirer}
    {I would add that I’m not sure that the process by which this decision was made has integrity. Included in a petition given out by JDP}
    If Mr Kent and Thurrock Council allow these allegations to continue and go unanswered, some individuals will simply assume that JDP is correct in her misleading assumptions, If JDP keeps making these comments why an enquiry is in progress she be able to damage Thurrock Council reputation, in addition to smear the names of the members of the planning committee plus the applicant who I believe is being by failed by Thurrock Council, it is quite apparent that her inclusion of the Collison report in comments made by her, In her belief corruption was evident during this application
    She has made that point very clear in her comments,
    Below is a petition distributed by Jackie Doyle Price, please note distributed after the application had been passed?
    Help us to overturn this decision
    Dear resident,
    I have written to the secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to request that he rejects the planning application for housing to be built on the site of the Fire Brigade sports and social club in Aveley.

    The application, which has received considerable opposition from local residents controversially passed through the planning committee, despite the application being on a site which has not been allocated for housing development in the Borough’s local development plan. The application was approved by the planning committee despite officers recommending the application being refused.
    The impact of this development on the community of Aveley will be significant and it should be the case that their immediate community is the beneficiary of any monies which are agreed through planning gain as a consequence of this development. I would add that I’m not sure that the process by which this decision was made has integrity. The agenda item was withdrawn and reinstated and the committee did not have the opportunity to hear representations from the local community. There is a question therefore as to whether this application was fairly considered and whether it would get through a judicial review. It is essential that when controversial planning applications are considered they do go through due process. I have therefore written to the Secretary of State to request that he does not give approval to this application.
    I have been working closely with your local councillor Maureen Pearce and a local resident Teresa Webster to highlight the local community’s opposition to this development. We would be grateful if you could sign our petition to read your support as we demand that the Secretary of State reject this decision
    Yours sincerely
    Jackie Doyle-Price
    Member of Parliament for Thurrock

    Above is the petition that has been distributed and in the way it is worded I would assume written by Jackie Doyle-Price
    In the petition she states the item was withdrawn and reinstated which is within the rules, and in that case that would have be the supplementary item and not the planning application, and as stated by a few commentators on this site, members of the public would not have been allowed to talk on the matter as laid out in Thurrock’s councils Constitution regarding planning applications

    So by wrongly assuming members of the public were not allowed to talk instead of, verifying and taking advice about procedure of the rules laid down and used by the planning committee before making unfounded accusations she has proceeded to rubbish the decision and everybody involved in it including the process, with her disingenuous comments , I believe Thurrock Council should point out her mistake and this should a be pointed out to the Secretary of State as to her inability to understand the planning procedure and demand a formal apology from JDP

    In this entire matter Jackie Doyle Price in my opinion has failed in the behaviour of a serving member of Parliament and has shown a total and premeditated lack of respect or consideration to anybody involved in this process, her comments and unfounded accusations are contemptible and should be reported to the appropriate department she is accountable for her libellous comments made in the media and her conduct the same as everybody else

  14. Lambo is that your honest opinion Lambo In the blogs it shows the MP JDP has blatantly lied to the residents of Thurrock by proclaiming there was uproar in the public Gallery.JDP is totally unscrupulous,treacherous to the residents of Thurrock,In her statement, there was uproar? from the parents of tree top school but of happiness and there were residents from Aveley who I believe supported this application maybe a few against it, JDP wasn’t there but if you watch the YouTube film you can hear in the film the noise, in conjunction with that, she questions members of the planning committee integrity,members of her party the conservatives group I know it was across party decision, then she compares-the members Collison report I believe her secretary Cllr Ben Maney was part of this investigation the main mover and shaker of the Group and I believe close friend Cllr Joy Redsell the Conservatives had Majority control on the planning committee as well as the Council, in my opinion JDP keeps blurting out lies, it’s staring to be part of the Conservatives policy look at Maria Miller( it says it all )

    And all you blog is we shouldn’t. Build in the Green belt where is the future generation meant
    To live

  15. Members of the Planning Committee shouldn’t rip up National and Local Planning policies because of the developers bribe – sorry Section 106 money. The Section 106 proposal on this development was described as ‘unusual’ by Council Officers.

    One hopes that the placement of the 106 money didn’t sway certain Councillors opinions on this development – otherwise it sets the precedent that any developer can bribe the Planning Committee with selective placement of where their 106 money goes.

  16. Ed
    One can only speculate on the opinions of the planning committee towards this development
    But does that give Jackie Doyle Price the right to be untruthful manipulative and abuse her position and accused Thurrock Council and its planning committee of being incompetent and in need of training and working to alternative agenda without a shred of evidence to back it up

  17. Yes Shelley, that is my honest opinion, green belt land should not be built upon, as for where people should live in the future, there are plenty of brown field sites around that can be used also the amount of derelict housing stock that is simply left to rot is outrageous, there are old commercial buildings and factories that could be transformed into housing.

    We are slowly being swallowed up by concrete in the UK and it wont be long before there is no more green spaces left if councils and governments can just build on any bit of Green Belt which was put in place to stop urban sprawl.

  18. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Metropolitan Green Belt around London was first proposed by the Greater London Regional Planning Committee in 1935. The Town and Country Planning Act 1947 then allowed local authorities to include green belt proposals in their development plans. In 1955, Minister of Housing Duncan Sandys encouraged local authorities around the country to consider protecting land around their towns and cities by the formal designation of clearly defined green belts.[1][2]
    You see lambo things have changed quite a bit since 1955, I would imagine the population of Thurrock has doubled since then and with DP world coming online with an estimated 30,000 expected workforce you cannot have it both ways you’ve got the Lakeside basin and expansion coming up very shortly, and inevitably a new river crossing, in your comments about using brownfield sites, in some cases these could be used for housing but inevitably due to their post industrial past are contaminated and not fit for purpose, and your comment about old factories and commercial sites, for what you have to pay for a property today do you really think anybody wants to live in an old factory or a commercial site
    Of late I’ve seen Jackie Price grab every media opportunity at DP world along with other large-scale enterprises where the emphasis is the Tory government is creating jobs well along with that comes where you’re going to house those workers and their families, and with Thurrock being the second worst offender in reaching targets on housing for the whole of England there are bound to be consequences, but just step around the question about the disingenuous Jackie Doyle Price, in my opinion if she would turn on her own two members of the planning committee part of her own group what would she do to the residents for free bit of press, so Jackie out,out,out

  19. Shelley, Whilst I agree with your sentiments, I assume that you would rather see urban sprawl rather than open spaces of green areas?

    You statement about property prices bears no resemblance on where people live, remember the warehouses in the Docks that were created into housing and also barn conversions, this proves that people are not too worried what the previous use was.

    Regarding Brown Field sites, what is the percentage that are unusable due to low level contaminates and what would be the costs to clean them up for housing use?

    I agree that JDP has gone to every photo opportunity at DP but this could also be said of PB and other local politicians,who have also spoken out about several planning applications, that is the nature of the beast unfortunately, as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity, I assume that PB would be on the opposite side of the fence and wants to concrete over the whole of Thurrock?

  20. ,Lambo
    Regarding warehouses in Docklands which don’t house ordinarily members of society and cost millions, and also barn conversions are substantially dearer than ordinary developments and few and far between, I have no idea what the percentage of usable low-level contaminated preindustrial land is in Thurrock but I do know if a developer was to acquire one of the sites and then have to clean it up the cost would be transferred onto the house buyer thus pricing the potential property above market price and therefore would be difficult to obtain a mortgage

    Your point about PB does not explain the behaviour of serving MP Jackie Doyle Price as you say PB may have spoken out about planning applications but to my knowledge hasn’t accused Thurrock Council’s planning committee of working to an alternative agenda in need of training having no integrity not being competent and trying to compare it to the committee involved with the Collison report, and openly slating members of her own group disgusting, also she is lying to local resident regarding talking at the planning meeting,but you continue to side step her behaviour, does Stephen Metcalfe behave like this NO I believe she is desperate and it shows, because she knows her times nearly up and she can kiss good bye to the large seller plus all the perks, she gives the conservatives a bad name by her disingenuous behaviour,

  21. Lambo
    After her latest deed of betrayal to the Tory group do you really think this woman is fit for purpose and to talk about integrity I don’t think she even knows the meaning of the word, and as commented earlier will do anything to promote her dying career as an MP as reflected in her absurd attack on funding for school for children of special needs
    She should go back up north where she belongs and run in her own neighbourhood only trouble with that is Margaret Thatcher bankrupted the North so not a lot of friends there

  22. Superman – should a developer promising to give money to a special needs school be good enough reason for members of the Planning Committee to rip up National and Local Policy on the Green Belt?

    This sends a signal to potential developers that Thurrock Councils Planning Committee will roll over and give you permission for your housing estate on Green Belt if you bung half a million to the borough’s special needs schools.

    Thurrock went through a long and drawn out process to create the Local Development Framework that identified the sites for development after extensive consultation with residents. 85% of the 18,500 new homes are on identified brown field sites and 15% are on identified Green belt sites.

    The Aveley former Fireman’s site wasn’t identified for development.

    Planning applications should be decided on their merit using National and Local policies – not on the size and recipient of the developers bribe.

    The arguments about this development are being twisted on whether the correct procedures have been followed to Jackie Doyle-Price being nasty to a Special needs school.

  23. Excellent post Ed.

    There are people in Thurrock who just do not understand that to concrete over the whole of the borough would be a disaster. Not to mention the types of people that would move into the new houses would simply make Thurrock more ‘diverse’ and certainly more Labour leaning than it already is…no wonder why the council leader and the Labour group allow developers to dump houses here.

  24. Bernard87 – the Section 106 proposal that was submitted with this application was described as ‘unusual’ by Council Officers. Normally Section 106 money helps mitigate the local impact so one would expect the money to go to the local community not to a school 8km away. One wonders why the developer has chosen Treetops as a recipient for their Section 106 money and not Beacon Hill Academy in South Ockendon?

    If I was a staff member at Treetops I would of course be delighted with those Councillors on Thurrock Council’s Planning Committee for voting for plonking a massive housing estate on the Aveley Firemans site and the Section 106 contribution from the developer to Treetops.

  25. Ed
    A local development framework that is since been declared not up-to-date and now the subject of a focused core strategy, and Thurrock Council had the choice of ripping it up and starting it again or reworking it, and if there was any consistency regarding JDP concerning other projects within the green belt and other projects in the LDF like 1100 houses to be built in the chemical pit incidentally where she ran her campaign vote for Jackie at the Titan works, you could not make this up, but she doesn’t find that unusual to want to build housing in a former chemical pit and in the same breath talks of integrity

  26. Just a thought. Do any members of the Planning Committee have relatives working at Treetops and would that sway the way they voted? I think we should be told.

  27. Odd Councillor Terry Hipsey failed to mention his step-daughter works at Treetops and his decision is based on the Section 106 money, including the donation to Treetops. Should Councillor Terry Hipsey have voted on this planning application? Was the Collinson report a waste of time?


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