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Labour’s energy bill freeze for Thurrock blocked by coalition says Le-Surf

THE LABOUR candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf has criticised MP Stephen Metcalfe for voting “against a freeze on bills for 39,491 households in South Basildon and East Thurrock”.

Thousands of households across South Basildon and East Thurrock were denied an energy bill freeze says Mr Le-Surf following a vote in the House of Commons.

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, including Stephen Metcalfe joined forces to block Labour’s call to freeze energy bills until 2017, saving the average household £120.

Labour’s Candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf said: “Mr. Metcalfe had the chance to put the people of South Basildon and East Thurrock first and vote for a freeze on energy bills, but they refused. Instead of supporting a freeze on prices that would help over 39,000 households across our area struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, they have ignored the issue once again.

People will rightly ask why their Tory MP left them out in the cold and voted against Labour’s plans to help hardworking families struggling with soaring energy bills. By voting against, David Cameron’s Tories have proved again that they only stand up for a privileged few.”

Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said: “Yesterday’s vote in Parliament showed once again that the Government is determined to kick the problem of rip-off energy bills into the long grass.

As the recent price freeze announcement from SSE showed, energy companies are now bringing forward precisely those reforms first proposed by Labour, and which the Government claimed was impossible. But Tories and Lib Dems from across the country, including here in South Basildon and East Thurrock refused to support a nationwide price freeze last night.

A Labour Government will freeze your gas and electricity bills until 2017, and reform our broken energy market. Our plans will break up the big energy companies, put an end to their secret deals and make tariffs simpler and fairer. And until these reforms kick in, we will put a stop to unfair price rises by freezing energy bills until 2017, saving the average household £120.”


  1. Metcalfe probably has a financial interest in one of the Big Six energy companies so an energy price freeze wouldn’t be in hid interests or that of his party colleagues. But that’s just my opinion, not cold hard fact.

  2. Energy price freeze for 17 months. We’re all saved. I got more than that on my current deal. Nothing gimmicky about this at all.
    Wait for the price freeze on rail fares to come. All for a whole year. We’ve reached the promised land.

  3. NoVoice – You probably get a good deal because you’re not on a key meter which always gets ignored by energy companies and I don’t see the Tories coming up with anything better.

  4. Finally some benefits from working for a living. Why do you have such envy towards people that work and earn a decent living? Without them there would be no welfare state. Or are you going to change the monetary world that has existed since the stone age.

  5. Novoice. You are very lucky to be earning a decent wage.
    To me that does explain your right wing thinking.
    you want to protect what you have and sod the rest

  6. Cobblers. I have friends on benefits and they won’t agree with you. Two have recently improved their lives through doing practical things to improve their job chances which I paid for. Another chooses to live on benefits and I help him with his bills. That’s what friends are for.

    You on the other hand believe that the state should come along and stick their hands in everyone’s pocket and take as much as you feel is necessary to prop up the welfare state which is a system that is abused and out of control.

    Grow a pair and get people back on their feet and stop teaching them to rely on the welfare state which is increasingly a way of life for more and more people.

    Or here’s another option. If yopu ain’t paid in you ain’t getting. And when your account is empty you still aint getting.

    People like you think the world that works owes those that don’t a living. The world doesn’t work that way. Thank your lucky stars you live here and stop slagging the place. It’s giving life to millions of people around the world and jobs and security to millions of people that have come here at the expense of the poorest in our own society.

    Your party created the problem. They don’t have the answers to solve it. 17 months energy price freeze is a gimmick. What’s after. Why don’t they just stand outside the school gates with a bag of sweets. Pathetic.

  7. Novoice Touched a very sensitive spot have I 😉

    Yeah sure you give a toss about your friends.
    you’re a money grabbing self serving leach. IMHO.
    who views paying a single penny in tax is wrong if you were a millionare you would have an offshore account paying sod all in tax.

    By the way I am of no political party so I don’t have a party) I also claim sod all in benefits.

    I just dont want pensioners who need a penny, die because of selfish buggers like yourself

  8. What you fail to grasp bus catcher is the country is in a worse situation than those in authority would like most people to know. I’m glad you mentioned pensioners because those with a state pension at the moment are the lucky ones.

    It is people like you who are crapping on the young and those that work now with no prospect of the security afforded to people now that are the selfish buggers. You are still of the belief that the money tree is real. It’s a figment of your imagination.

    I come from a background of poverty and I saw the way out. However I do not turn my back on those close to me that may be in need. You are a believer in the state and the welfare state and yet you are unaware of who pays for it and the damage it does to those people who will never benefit from it. If you’re looking for selfish, look in the mirror.

  9. I am going to set up an offshore company and pay no tax as you state.
    I will also not have to pay NI and Income tax as I will only spend 89 days in the UK a year.

    the funny thing is you will have to pay taxes and I am pissing myself laughing at you novoice. 😉

  10. Don’t laugh too loud I’ve run my own business for 15 years. You’re way behind on the offshore accounts etc.

    I find it fascinating that it always appears to be those that lean to the left have to start with the foul language and insults.

    I have no idea why you think you upset me. I can only think you’re a sensitive soul who hasn’t lived much. Get out a bit more.

  11. NoVoice – I find it hard to believe you have any friends let alone any on benefits. I love the way you praise your friends for doing things to improve their employability but when I have outlined what I have done in that respect all you have ever done is that I’m a left-wing (wrong) scrounger (also wrong) who should get a job. You are such a fecking hypocrite!

  12. I Learned a bit last night watching a film.

    I know I have left views like Human rights.
    Social injustice.

    Right wing views
    like ree market So on.

    Don’t think I fit the left right wing view.

    I am also a staunch Capitalist but do not class that as either centre right or centre left.

  13. What is getting lost in this argument is the reason why we require a price freeze in the first place? the UK energy prices were rising whilst Ed Milliband was the Energy Sec and both Labour and ConDEm have done little to reverse the changes.

    The use of Wind Farms has only increased the landowners income and done nothing for the renewable energy market, our own coal supplies are now non competitive on the price that is being driven by EU imports and a strong pound.

    More money needs to be placed in Nuclear energy or even shale gas if we are to see our fuel prices reduce in this country, LabConDem so far have shown that they don’t really give a toss about rising energy and this 17month freeze is a vote gimmick, the average saving equates to just over £2 a week……..

  14. Myles go to anyone of the posts I have made and find the part where I have called you a scrounger. Not true. Your views are left wing. You fervently believe that benefits are a right for all those that claim them and that nobody should be asked any questions regarding what they claim ever.

    You also believe that it is the duty of the state to take as much as it feels is required from ordinary people that work for a living and have done no wrong to pay for the welfare state. If someone earns over a certain amount, then they’re fair game to have their pockets emptied because they can afford to fund the lives of people that don’t work, many through choice.

    There’s a difference between a safety net and a system that is now so badly abused and over extended from it’s previously intended purpose, that it should be reformed and brought back under control.

    In the past people had to work to stand any chance of a decent living. Now people moan if the can’t afford the latest contract on their mobile phone from their benefits.

    I don’t give a damn whether Labour freeze energy prices for the reasons pointed to. I don’t care if they freeze rail fares for a year. They’re all gimmicks with no lasting effect. What worries me isd having a party in power that believes as you do that won’t be satisfied until we live in the system you espouse of each according to their need and not their ability, where those with greater ability are penalised simply because it.

    Your posts are abusive to anyone that disagree with you. You call people xenophobes and racists at the drop of a hat, along with the cronies that support your view. People on this site bang on about the far right . Take a look around the world and see who the most brutal regimes are. Take a look at the countries that are imploding. The left are far more dangerous to the future prospects of this country.

  15. An energy freeze would do nothing other than cause a massive hike in prices after the 17 months.

    I think Lambo has got it right.

    No Voices last sentence is pure truth.

    Left wing politics always end in utter disaster….and with the top guns all millionaires.

  16. Bernard87 you said “Left wing politics always end in utter disaster… ” same could be said with the right wing over the last 30 years. .So what do we do now?


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