Traffic light switch off trial set for Thurrock roundabouts

THURROCK Council is planning to shut down roundabout traffic lights through the early hours along the A1306 arterial road.

Lights at the Treacle Mine and the spiral roundabout to Lakeside will be shut off between midnight and 5am each day for three months as a pilot project to see what effect it has when traffic is light from later this month.

Cllr Andy Smith, portfolio holder for transportation, said: “People who use this road say they think it would be better if the lights were switched off, at least overnight – I fear that some using the road late at night actually jump the lights.

“The best way to find out what’s best for sure is to try it out and that’s exactly what we will be doing.

“We know how the roundabouts work with the lights already and we’ll be able to compare statistics and come to a fully informed conclusion once the pilot is completed.”

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