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10% rise in food shoplifting in Thurrock

THE number of cases of food shoplifting in Thurrock rose by about 10% last year.

Figures from Essex Police show there were 2,752 thefts in 2013, compared to 2,290 in Essex in 2012.

Basildon, Colchester and Harlow saw particularly high percentage increases, with Southend showing the highest increase at 44%.

A food bank charity urged anyone who was struggling to come to them for support so they did not need to resort to stealing.

The figures were released following a Freedom of Information Act request by BBC Essex.

Duncan Craig, manager of Harlow food bank, said: “Clearly there’s an underlying difficulty here of people seeking solutions to some crisis in their life and resorting to food theft.

“We get referred clients who have been apprehended and prosecuted for food theft and in order to help them through the crisis, we support them so that they don’t reoffend.”

Ian Wicks, from the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “We’ve got some sympathy, but theft is theft, so if the business feels that it’s a victim of crime and wants to see that person prosecuted, then they should be.”

Nick Alston, Essex police and crime commissioner, said: “Some of that food is being stolen to sell, some is being stolen for real need and some is by organised gangs.

“There is no excuse for theft and the police will always take it seriously.

“I do want police officers to use their discretion, but if they find someone in real distress they can refer them to social services or to food banks.”


  1. i was in morrisons and a young couple stuffed loads of stuff inside their coats and just walked out.

  2. hope you did the right thing Rocket and informed the store of the theft, if not then this is just as bad as the act itself….

  3. And then they sold it in the local pubs. Anyone for racism, hate crimes and sensationalism about starvation in Britain. I look out of the window and wonder where the civil war is.

  4. NoVoice
    Or Mr compassionate, when people are reduced to stealing food and idiots like yourself think it’s funny to make snide remarks it shows what an ignorant and uninformed piece of C***you are devoid of any compassion or understanding I would truly love to meet you any time any place face-to-face and have a conversation with yourself, so you could show me that you are not talking tough on this blog site but face-to-face arrange it with Mike from your Thurrock and me and you can have a nice talk

  5. I’ve told you before you turd in tights. My names Steve I drink I the oaks I’m 6 ft 2, bald so you should be able to spot me. Or just ask the bar staff. Fcuking compassion for shoplifters. Most of them are regular visitors to the pub s all round grays. People place orders with them. Fcuking threaten me you sh1t I’ll show you how super you are.


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