Saturday, June 22, 2024

Tilbury thug escapes jail after caught on cctv choking dog

A THUG from Tilbury, who was caught on camera holding his dog in the air, as he throttled it, has been spared jail.

Bradley Robertson, 27, of Tilbury, Essex, was investigated after CCTV footage emerged of him suspending his Yorkshire terrier Scamp (who has since been re-homed) in the air by its neck.

Robertson was then seen beating the dog over its head. He said he had been holding Scamp in the air in a bid to stop him urinating in the lift, which he claimed the dog had done on other occasions reports the Daily Mail.

Robertson appeared at Basildon Magistrates’ Court where he was banned from keeping animals for five years. He was also ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £560 costs.

He was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to his dog at an earlier hearing.

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA inspector, Lewis Taylor said: ‘The footage shows this terrier being strung by his neck on the lead and then hit in a callously casual way.’

Mr Taylor added: ‘Poor Scamp would have been in a lot of pain. There is just no excuse for treating a defenceless animal’



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