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BA landing: Thurrock Council bosses praise over 1000 jobs coming to Thurrock

LEADER of Thurrock Council, John Kent, has welcomed British Airways’ news that they are planning to create a world’s first waste-to-jet fuel facility in the borough.

John Kent said: “Two years ago, the government failed to step in and save an important part of the nation’s infrastructure – the Petroplus oil refinery.

“A year ago that same government failed to help another important component of our industry, Tilbury power station which ironically was using re-useable energy fuel.

“We have continued to work hard to attract new investment to our borough so today’s announcement that British Airways and Solena Fuels will be creating a world’s first unique facility at Coryton is great news.

“Over a thousand construction jobs and 150 permanent ones on the cutting edge of technology – Thurrock is, clearly, the place to be.

“Thames Enterprise Park is a key part of Thurrock’s growth plan. The arts to the west with High House Production Park, the Royal Opera House. The Backstage Centre and the planned film and television studios; commerce at Lakeside; education at the new Grays campus; regenerated port-related industries at Tilbury and DP World; and now this no one can say Thurrock doesn’t have a bright future”

Thurrock Council’s chief executive, Graham Farrant, has also welcomed the news that part of the former Petroplus oil refinery at Coryton will soon be playing a crucial role in the country’s economy once again.

Graham Farrant said: “This is exactly the sort of scheme we want to see at this important site – and it maintains the area’s links to fuel-based industry while encouraging a more sustainable method of developing those fuels.

“It is genuinely unique, bringing new jobs – both temporary and permanent; it is at the cutting edge of high-tech development; it is green; and it highlights Thurrock’s place at the heart of the Thames Gateway and the heart of Britain’s recovery.”

He added: “Thurrock has a long history with landfill, much of the borough has suffered over the years. Currently we have diverted much of our own waste away from burying it in the ground and it seems appropriate that our borough can now lead the world in finding another use for it.”


  1. Yes this sounds to be great news.
    But will Thurrock end up paying with increased levels of air pollution?

  2. 575,000 tonnes of waste will be transported to this site to be converted into 120,000 tonnes of fuel.

    This could mean 35,000 lorry movements up and down the Manorway with waste lorries driving to and from the site and tankers driving to and from the site. This is assuming the waste will be driven to the site unless barges will share the superport site delivering waste?

    What will happen to the waste by products?

    A good headline regarding 1000 jobs – although 850 of these are in the construction of the plant and only 150 permanent jobs at the site – yet nothing about the traffic impact or what will be done with the waste.

  3. End the spin. 1,000 jobs in the headline is misleading. Just 150 permanent jobs, the remainder are temporary construction roles.

  4. The Manor Way will become Thurrocks Yellow Brick road. Only a Wizard will be able to sort out the Traffic problems. I am sure that someone in planning has all the answers. I wonder where they will be when the problems start to mount. Make sure that you use your vote in May.


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