Purfleet/West Thurrock ranked in top ten in UK for unsecured loan debt

WEST THURROCK, South Stifford and Purfleet are in the top ten postcodes in the UK for unsecured loan debt.

According to the survey, commissioned by the Royal Mail, residents in the postcodes RM19 (sixth place) and RM20 (seventh place) have an average unsecured loan debt of just over £800 each.

The postcode EC1A tops the list with an average debt of £1500 followed by Coldstream in the Scottish Borders followed by the Isle of Islay.

Royal Mail commissioned the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) to conduct analysis of characteristics of the UK through the lens of the postcode to mark the 40th anniversary of the allocation of postcodes to every town in Britain.

The results put into focus many of the pressures that continue to bear down in people in certain sections of Thurrock. It may be no wonder that one of the busiest areas in Purfleet is the foodbank at St Stephen’s church.

With the local and european election campaigns, this will be one of the issues that we will be discussing with a number of candidates.

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