West Tilbury WI: May report

By Joy Ridgewell

West Tilbury WI AGM.

JANE Bird WI Advisor oversaw the voting for the AGM meeting. The committee was returned and Margaret Clamp was voted in again as President. There were thanks for the committee and also for Margaret for the effort they have put in this past year.

Everyone agreed they had all done a lot to improve the variety of speakers and running of the meetings. Treasurer Liz Wakefield especially has done a good job keeping the finances in order.

Jane Bird also oversaw the Vote for the Resolutions This is for all the Essex Institutes to put a mandate to urge HM Government to campaign for the increase of organ donations. This was discussed in length, a controversial subject. The facts are three people are dying every day waiting for a donor organ, the vote was carried in favour. The WI’s all over the country do a great job of bringing these things to the attention of HM Government.

Secretary Lorna Jones has written to the Secretary of State about the bees, this was one of last year’s resolutions. There are rare bees in West Tilbury one has appeared that not been seen in this country for eighty years.

An outing has been arranged to go to the Maldon Vineyard this month The Spring Group meeting was an achievement for West Tilbury WI and thanks were given to Joanne Phillips for her efforts on this. The evening ended with a beetle drive that was enjoyed by members and visitor Mary Claydon.

Raffle prizes were won by Mary Bird, Niki Garwood and Margaret Clamp.

Next meeting is at West Tilbury Village Hall on June 3rd at 7pm-9-30pm

Speaker Susan Burns Creative Jewellery

Members were asked to bring a friend.

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