General Election candidates look to 2015

THE GENERAL Election will be held on Thursday May 7th, 2015. With just under a year to go, we thought we would ask the declared candidates for both South Basildon and East Thurrock as well as the constituency of Thurrock why they think there party will win in 2015.

South Basildon and East Thurrock

Stephen Metcalfe MP (Conservative)

At the General Election in 2015 Electors will have a clear choice: An MP that supports a Conservative Government that can be trusted to secure Britain’s long term economic future or a return to a Labour Government committed to more borrowing, more debt and more spending – the policies that nearly brought us to bankruptcy.

An MP committed to renegotiating our relationship with the EU and giving voters a simple In/Out say on whether we should stay in or come out of the EU or the Labour party who trashed the EU referendum Bill and don’t trust the people and an MP that supports a welfare system that is fair to the tax payer as well as claimants or a Labour Party that have blocked every welfare reform over the last four years.

This choice, combined with my wholehearted dedication to securing the best possible future for the people of South Basildon and East Thurrock through better education, encouraging local investment, job creation and support for our local community means that I believe people will return a Conservative MP to ensure that we continue to build a better future for our area and our nation.

Mike Le-Surf (Labour)

With exactly one year to go until the general election, I was delighted to spend the afternoon in Basildon with the shadow minister for women and equalities Gloria De Piero MP. We spent some time speaking with and listening to local women about their opportunities for employment and the devastating cuts to SureStart centres across the area.

People are far worse off under the Tories than they were five years ago and we were told that communities are breaking down because of cuts to vital services. People are also aware that the cuts have a disproportionate effect on women , their wages and their benefits. I hope that the support I am receiving as the parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock will become votes in the general election next year.

I take nothing for granted but am sure that most people I have met so far feel they were better off under Labour.

Kerry Smith (UKIP)

Well I already represent one fifth of this constituency, by being elected to represent the Westley Heights Division. In last year’s Essex County Council elections, in the South Basildon Wards, UKIP was first place shadowed by Labour leaving the Tories to trail in third place.

With half of East Thurrock and most of South Basildon holding local elections on 22/05/14, it will provide a reliable indicator to who will win the local parliamentary seat in 2015.


Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Conservative)

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Polly Billington (Labour)

Thurrock is a growing community with so much potential. It is a tragedy that we are being held back because people are struggling to make ends meet, worrying about whether their kids will ever have a home, or a decent job.
With the cost of energy, childcare and transport making it so hard for people it is clear this is not a recovery for the many hardworking people who live in Thurrock.
We have been let down by the Tory-led government, with 100s of jobs lost: Tilbury power station closed, even though it was developing cleaner energy, and Coryton oil refinery shut down, because ministers were so stubborn they refused to even ask if the plant qualified from help from Europe.
I will stand up for Thurrock as a Labour person, as I have been – campaigning to save the stroke unit at Basildon hospital, pressing for a community-led solution to the State cinema in Grays and calling on local employers to implement the Living Wage and end the abuse of zero-hours contracts.
Working people deserve to have more hope and chances to fulfil their ambitions than they are getting from this government. We need a jobs guarantee to get people back to work, an energy bill freeze and an end to the rip-off energy market, more childcare for working parents and a reversal of the Tories wasteful NHS reorganisation.
That’s why I will be asking people here in Thurrock to support me in championing them, and the interests of Thurrock, in Westminster.
Tim Aker (UKIP)
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