Prime Minister David Cameron on building more homes: “We do need to get on with it”

THE PRIME MINISTER has sent out a clear message to all involved in the creation of new homes that: “We do need to get on with it.”

The PM was speaking as part of his visit to skills hubs at the High House Production Park in Purfleet and the new University Technical College in Harlow.

As our sister paper, YH sat down with a fellow local paper, the prime minister answered a general questions on solution to housing problems.

The Prime Minister said:

“The Help to Buy scheme helps house builders bring forward their plans. If the builders cannot build, then the buyers cannot buy.

“In terms of where the houses should be built, under new planning systems, there will be much more local decision making. We do need to recognise as a country that we do need to build more homes. We do need to get on with it.”

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