Thurrock MP Doyle-Price’s “Clueless” tweet incurs voters wrath

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle Price has incurred the wrath of UKIP supporters and others in yet another Twitter spat.

It seems to have come as something of a recent trend for the abrasive MP to go onto the social media site at night to express her views in no uncertain terms.

On Saturday night, Doyle-Price, who is defending a majority of just 92, reacted to the success of UKIP both locally and nationally on Thursday night.

Doyle-Price said: “Those who think the UKIP vote is a positive vote for a right wing party are clueless. It is a kick in the ballots for all of us. No pact.”

Many seem to have misunderstood what the MP has said, believing that she has said that all UKIP voters are clueless.

@elstob_john said: “The sort of statement you would expect from a Tory, still not listening to people”.

@rogerv52 said: “That’s typical LibLabConner arrogance and the reason that UKIP is gaining ground”.

robdseaman81 said: “She lost my vote a long time ago! Arrogance beyond belief, and treats the electorate with contempt!

It appears that many are not necessarily examining what the Thurrock MP is saying but seem to object to the tone.

Perhaps @_GeorgiAlz sums it up when she tweeted: “Why don’t you focus on improving your campaign and manifesto and not blame others for your party’s failure?”

There are some who are concerned that the MP’s “Swinging the bat” mentality may suit her with the second smallest majority in the UK but may have an impact on other marginal seats.

Doyle-Price’s outburst contrasts somewhat sharply with popular Harlow MP Robert Halfon who spoke at the ConservativeHome Spring Conference where he spent his Saturday coherently, cogently and clearly how he felt the Tories could secure a majority in May. 2015.

Mr Halfon believed the Tories should become the party of redistribution, full employment and affordable housing.

Mr Halfon said: The billions raised by cutting the 50p tax rate (a policy Labour opposed, of course) could be used to raise the personal allowance for low-paid workers even higher.

“Only by such measures will the Tories appeal to those voters required for securing a majority”.

Ms Doyle-Price ended her tweet emphasising “No Pact.” With her leading the recent Thurrock Council campaign, it could be interpreted that there will be no pact between Thurrock Conservatives and Thurrock UKIP councillors in order to lead Thurrock Council over the next year.

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