Labour leader Ed Miliband set to visit Thurrock

ED Miliband will get straight back on the campaign trail on Tuesday with a visit to Thurrock.

A few days after UKIP took five council seats as well as 39% of the vote, the Labour leader will seek to reassure local and national supporters that his party are going in the right direction.

It is anticipated that Mr Miliband will express pride in the more than 300 seats Labour gained last week, the progress made in dozens of key seats, and the campaign his party is fighting.

Ed Miliband will say:

“The local elections show Labour can win because it is our party which is winning where it matters in dozens of our target seats for the next election.

“From Cambridge to Redbridge, from Crawley to Amber Valley, people are electing Labour councils to meet their desire for change.

“For too long, millions of people have felt locked out of our economy or let down and ignored by politics.

“There is a deep sense of discontent with the way our country is run. I am determined to show people, including those who voted for UKIP, that we can change our country so they can build a better life for themselves and their family.

“In the weeks and months to come you will see our Policy Review finalising our programme for changing our country so we can connect the wealth of our nation to the lives of working people once again.

“Some will tell you we only need the votes of certain people to win. I say we can’t build a better country unless people from every walk of life know there is a future for them if they work for it

“This is at the heart of what I mean by One Nation.

“This is the mission for One Nation Labour.

“This is why we will campaign as we mean to govern – as a One Nation party reaching out to everybody.”

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