Bulphan WI: May report

By Janet McCheyne

DO your family members know your wishes about donating organs and other useful body parts after your death? And do you think they will respect your wishes? This is what all WIs are debating at the moment: and further debate will take place at the National AGM in June.

Bulphan WI were privileged to hear two very personal accounts: the first was delivered in person by Chris Brown, who used to live in Bulphan who was an early donor of bone marrow. Her donation saved the life of a 10-year-old girl, Judy, and many years later, she attended Judy’s wedding and Chris is an honorary grandmother to Judy’s son, now aged 7.

Next, Carol read out a letter from Hilary Mills (was Cowie) a previous headteacher of Bulphan School, whose life hung in the balance until she received a heart transplant.

Bulphan members then debated the need to make your family members aware of your own wishes regarding organ donation, discuss it fully to find out if it would cause them undue distress and give them plenty of time to get used to your decision, once you have made it. Members voted overwhelmingly for the resolution for WI members to make sure their families know their wishes regarding organ and body tissue donation. Jane Bird, who is just finishing her training to become a WI adviser, helped us with our committee elections.

Janet gave her presidential address in rhyme- relying on the members to fill in the last word each time. Three ladies have retired from the committee: Mary Wellman, Kath Walker and Rosemary Head received thanks and small gifts for their contribution in the past. The institute presented a huge planted container to Monica Gardner, retiring secretary, who has carried out that role impeccably for 23 years. Jane Bird congratulated us on having a healthy Women’s Institute and encouraged us to maintain our good reputation.

After tea and LOVELY cakes, we had to speed through our other business – mainly arrangements for all the other activities we are involved in, in addition to our monthly meetings.

We were delighted that Jean Stradling, who has recently moved into Church Lane, joined us for the evening, and we hope to see her again.

This year’s programme is on our website (http://bulphanwi.weebly.com) and in our village shop: why not come as a visitor, 7.30 until 10 on the second Wednesday of the month in Bulphan Village Hall – we’d love to see you.

Janet McCheyne President 01268 543214

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