Arena Essex: Caddy impresses in “Keeping it real”

THE latest round of the “Keeping it Real” Banger series took place at Arena Essex on Sunday with a great entry of cars topped by an impressive American Caddy Fleetwood from Dave Bull and a huge Limousine from Paul Korpiela.

The day started in explosive style with Gary Lee followed into the fence by Jamie Batchelor, Lee unfortunately suffering a leg injury in the process. Dan Stacey’s Toyota Previa took a pounding from Bull’s beastly Fleetwood with Ricky Hutton joining in, Hutton also accounting for Jason Curtis. Anthony Croshaw took the win whilst Hutton earned the entertainer award.

A rather uneven split between the two heats saw a packed grid for heat two and it went ballistic from the start with Korpiela’s brakeless Limo running itself around the armco before Dave Reynolds was taken into the fence by Jamie Rogers with Billy King destroying Rogers and the sick running Korpiela Limo following up with another shot on the unfortunate Rogers. The Rover SD1 of Ben Towner was attacked by Tony Hutton with Towner taking a lap run up to get a good revenge shot in. The game Towner then was spun and followed into the pit gate by Callum Read, his car bursting into flames bringing an early end to a lively race. Jason Jackson won with Paul Korpiela taking the entertainer award.

The final saw Read again on the attack, this time running in the Daimler DS420 limo of John Golden. A wrecking session on the pit bend then took place with a number of the locals after the Volvo pairing of Dave Robinson and Jack Collins, both of whom eventually succumbed tot he onslaught. Jason “Boxer Jack” Jackson won the race and secured a wild card places on the World Final grid in September as a result.

With Korpiela’s crippled limo towed onto the track because it could managed no more than a few metres at a time, it was fairly certain that it would become a bit of a big target for the rest in the Destruction Derby. Anthony Croshaw was the first to bury himself through the passenger side of the Limo, swiftly followed up by Nathan Roberts, both managing to extricate themselves before the Fleetwood of Dave Bull arrived with the killer shot which sent the crowd wild. The decrepit Rover P5 of Marty Eighten eventually outlasted the more modern machinery of Roberts, Jamie Harding and Scott Cornish with the latter taking home one of the best wrecks of the day, although nothing compared to Korpiela’s mess!

The 11-16 year olds in the Junior Bangers had obviously been having a bit too much fizzy pop on Sunday, as their final turned into one of the most destructive races of the day. A big pile up on turn one accounted for several of them as the track became totally blocked at one point. The youngsters managed to barge a few wrecks out of the way and continue with the race, Kieran Collins putting in a big hit to Mini Stox star, Will Morphey, which removed a wheel. Not that Morphey was put off, Will happy to tour around taking further damage from the rest before grinding to a halt. Similarly game was Brandon Sudbury who took a pair of big hits from Joe Parsons and Alfie Vince, before his wreck could go no further. Despite losing a lap when he cut a corner, Jamie Hopkins made the time up whilst all his main opposition got, quite literally, stuck into each other and in the end he was a comfortable winner from Parsons and the winner of the first heat on the day, Wayne Cottrill Jnr.

It was definitely a day for the girls in the Junior Mini Stox. West Country visitor, Sophie Fasey won heat and final, whilst the other heat was won by Lauren Nicholls, out for the first time in the former Dan Newman car. Ryley Freestone joined Nicholls and Fasey on the final podium, a great result following his lairy rollover earlier in the season. Harry Steward and 11 year old, Ben Nicholls, also scored top three places during the afternoon.

A great final for the Saloon Stock Car class came down to a last lap shootout between Murray Jones and Danny Colliver, both of whom had taken a win apiece up to that point. Colliver was clearly quicker and bumpered his way past Jones, but he didn’t push Jones wide enough and Jones knew he would only have one chance to strike back. He did so into the penultimate corner and sent Colliver spinning out of the places, Jones followed home by Dean Mayes and Willie Skoyles.

The next action at Arena Essex takes place on 15th June when the National Bangers are joined by the Stock Rods, Lightning Rods and Mini Stox. Start time 1pm.

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