Diet expert Natasha Hurst coming to Waterstones in Lakeside

DIETnatasha expert Natasha Hurst will be visiting Thurrock this weekend to sign copies of her “revolutionary” new guide to weight maintenance.

The author of new step-by-step manual “The IntoTrim Plan: How to keep the weight off forever” will be at Waterstones, Lakeside Shopping Centre, between 11am and 2pm on Saturday, June 14.

Hurst, a former yo-yo dieter, decided to devise an effective long-term solution to weight maintenance after becoming frustrated with spending “significant amounts” of time and money on countless slimming plans.

Her book, which hits the shelves this month, is described as the first of its kind to focus on staying slim rather than losing the weight in the first place.

Uniquely, it offers a “permanent escape” from yo-yo dieting without the need for particular food type restrictions, dieting aids or even exercise.

Speaking about her forthcoming visit, Hurst said: “As one of the countless Brits who has spent thousands on slimming plans, gym memberships and the like over the years, I discovered the reason for my yo-yo figure wasn’t the diet I was on, but knowing how to maintain the weight afterwards.

“Reaching your goal weight is an amazing achievement, but you can’t rely on the same companies you lost weight with to help you maintain your figure. They are the same companies who are conveniently there when the inevitable failure happens, and who gladly take more of your money so you can start all over again.

“I wrote The IntoTrim Plan to share my own story and reveal the secrets of effective weight maintenance. Yo-yo dieting isn’t an inevitability. As I discovered, maintaining a post-diet figure is simply a matter of having access to the right information and guidance.”

She added: “I can’t wait to talk to people in Thurrock, offering them advice and inspiration on how to achieve their goal weights once and for all.”

More than 27 million British adults go on a diet each year, but without proper guidance many quickly put back the pounds and have to try again.

Mum-of-three Hurst, 40, was herself stuck in a “yo-yo dieting hell” for over two decades, successfully completing a diet plan only to see the weight pile back on each time — and even increase — within 6 to 12 months.

Her own research revealed that although there were plenty of books on dieting, there was no clear-cut, widely available advice for post-dieters about how to keep their slimmer figure once they’d achieved their target weight.

Having learned about nutrition while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and tired of the health, emotional and financial costs of yo-yo dieting, she devised The IntoTrim Plan.

Hurst, who is based in Hertfordshire, said: “The IntoTrim Plan is different. It’s written by someone who has had issues with their weight and eating habits, who has lost thousands of pounds on yo-yo dieting, and who has had enough.

“The book provides anyone who has ever been on a diet with a concise guide packed with positive, proven advice and personal insight, practical tips and a solid structure in one convenient place.

“It includes all food groups and is one of the only healthy eating manuals which does not require regular exercise as a requirement for weight control, a major attraction for busy people.”

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