UKIP abstentions anger Thurrock Tories

THURROCK CONSERVATIVES were left angry last night as the six new UKIP councillors spent most of the meeting abstaining on a number of items.

The annual meeting is a part-ceremonial and part administrative meeting. After the matter of mayor and deputy mayor was settled, the composition of committees had to be agreed.

As the Tories had already suspected that the six UKIP councillors were going to abstain on a significant number of decisions, the Conservative leader, cllr Rob Gledhill asked for what is called a requisition vote, that is to say, where each persons vote is recorded individually.

It did not prove popular but cllr Gledhill had a number of points to make including asking the question of whether “Over 12,000 Thurrock residents had voted for UKIP in order for them to abstain.”

After 30 minute, they cut to the chase.

UKIP did vote on one significant issue. They voted for a Conservative vice-chair of the planning committee.


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