Conservatives continue to accuse UKIP of “ducking their responsibility”

Thurrock Conservatives have accused UKIP Councillors of ducking their civic responsibility for abstaining on important votes at Wednesday’s full Council.

At the meeting, UKIP failed to make any decisions by abstained on almost every vote. They made bold statements in their election leaflets, but the moment they were elected they buried their head in the sand.

New Conservative Leader Rob Gledhill said “Wednesday night saw the opportunity to make the decision making process in Thurrock more transparent than ever before. For years Thurrock Labour called for the Conservative cabinet to be better held to account and for the opposition to hold chairs of the Overview & Scrutiny committees. However, since Labour took control, they have ignored their own arguments taking as many chairs of committees as possible. By UKIP ducking their responsibilities they have allowed Labour to be able to make decisions and scrutinise them, effectively checking their own homework. They set a poor precedence on Wednesday and their inability to stand up and be counted will no doubt leave a bitter taste in mouths of their supporters.”

After the May elections Thurrock Labour only have 23 seats on the Council and have formed a minority administration. After the full Council meeting they not only have a leadership of the Council but positions of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, 6 chairs of overview & scrutiny, licensing and planning.

Cllr Halden, Thurrock Conservatives Deputy Leader said “Did the thousands who people who voted UKIP know that they were going to allow Labour to run Thurrock like a one party state? The situation that has been allowed by UKIP is as follows – Labour control both the decision making process of the council, as well as controlling the mechanisms in place to check decisions and hold them to account. UKIP have made Thurrock a one party state because they have no plan, just a bunch of sensationalised leaflets. I fear what will happen when votes come up on the issues of borrowing money or merging services with Barking and Dagenham, because thus far UKIP have showed that they have no earthly idea what is going on”.

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