Letter to Editor: Polly calls for meeting on Option A for Lower Dartford Crossing

Dear Sir,

THURROCK people need to be able to have their say and be listened to by ministers when it comes to decisions about the plans for another river crossing. The last time a minister came to Thurrock he told people it was too complicated to explain why the crossing has to be here in Thurrock. We are sensible and practically-minded people and expect a better attitude from people making decisions than that. Although the meeting to discuss Option C held earlier this year was lively and informative, with the council revealing many aspects of the possible plans, the people making the decisions were not there. This is deeply disappointing and means many questions are left unanswered.

A meeting about Option A is urgent and ministers need to be there. They have refused to listen and hidden behind faceless “consultation” processes for too long. The air quality in Thurrock is already unsafe according to the World Health Organisation. Noise pollution and further stress on our local road network are real worries for people. We are the ones who will have to deal with the consequences of a new crossing. Those who should have influence in these matters – such as the Conservative MP – should do all they can to ensure ministers take time to listen in person to the concerns of Thurrock residents.

Polly Billington

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