Benyon primary are kings and queens of the castle

KEYbenyon3 Stage 1 pupils at Benyon Primary School last week visited Mountfitchet Castle, Stansted as part of a bid to ramp up their interest in writing, through history.

Year 2 teacher Natasha Moore explained: “Mountfitchet Castle offered a unique experience for the children to travel back in time 900 years, to witness life in a Norman Motte and Bailey castle and village. In a fun and imaginative way, the children discovered and learnt about the lives of Norman people by exploring the many houses and exhibits reconstructed as they were during the Norman times.”

She explained how writing, especially that of boys, had become a focus for the teachers in Years 1 and 2 at Benyon Primary School.

She said: “We were thinking of ways we could grab the attention of our children, and I knew that history was a subject that particularly engaged our boys. We took the theme of ‘Castles’ and from that, we devised a plan of various literacy activities based on the children’s interests.”

The visit has already made a real difference, with both teachers in agreement that the children’s written recounts of their day were far more descriptive than their usual standard of work.

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