Letter to Editor:”No, voting for Ukip in Ockendon did not get rid of David Cameron….”

From former Ockendon councillor, Lynn Carr


I read with interest a letter in the Thurrock Gazette from a Mr Chris Poole. It was titled “UKIP boost for Labour”.

Mr Poole ends his letter: “Had I known a vote for UKIP would let Labour in, I would have stuck to the Tories and sent my message in a different way. I wont be fooled again”.

Since being defeated by Ukip in the Mays election, I have had many people approach me asking: “Are you still in Lynn? are you still on the council ? can you still help me, can I have some advice. Of course I help if I can and point people in the right direction.

However I am really concerned that the electorate really do not understand the process for local govt and how it works.

People have said, have another go next year, not realising cllrs elected this may are in office for four years.

Another said we voted Ukip to get Cameron out! I replied, he was not up for election!!! (that’s worrying). Others truly believed that UKIP would run the council with six cllrs????.

I suppose a simple leaflet or article would help to explain the process. What I do find frightening is once that cross is cast in the box and the voting paper put into the ballot box it matters.

I understand the frustration of the electorate in Thurrock and indeed the country. I know they wanted to send a message. Did they realise local politics can not change immigration. We now have another Labour-controlled council.

Decisions will be made on all our lives across the board, with more cuts to come. I pray those decisions are well placed for all our sakes. I also pray Labour does the right thing with our money!!!.

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