Ofsted recognise improvements at Lansdowne Academy in Tilbury

LANSDOWNE Academy was just ” a whisker away” from a “Good” Ofsted report when the government inspectors came to see them in early June.

However, the report indicates that the school under the Gateway Learning Community umbrella is now knocking on the door of being in the upper reaches of the Ofsted categories.

Lansdowne  Academy  was  inspected  by  Ofsted  on  5  &  6  June  2014.  The  inspectors  said,  “Senior  leaders  and  governors   have  a  clear  picture  of  the  Academy’s  strengths  and  are  taking  the  steps  needed  to  improve  Teaching  and  Learning”

The  inspectors  praised  progress  as  improving  with  rising  outcomes  in  reading,  writing  and  mathematics,  with  very  low   levels  of  entry  at  Nursery  and  reception.  They  also  found  strengths  in  leadership,  governors  and  teaching  at  Year  6  and   in  Early  Years.  They  found  pupil’s  behaviour  good  and  that  the  school  has  a  well  developed  spiritual,  moral,  social  and   cultural  ethos.
The  wider  curriculum  and  Science  were  praised,  as  was  the  base  for  pupils  with  Social  communication  needs.  They  also   said  that  pupils  with  statements  of  educational  need  did  well.

Overall,   Ofsted   judged   the   school   as   requiring   improvement.   This   was   because   not   all   pupils   were   progressing   at   the   same   rate   and   that   lessons   were   not   always   well   enough   matched   to   the   learners.   They   also   found   that   less   and   more   able   children   were   not   always   challenged   enough.   They   also   identified   areas   for   improvement   in   assessment   and   how   middle  leaders  use  data.     The  school  accepts  all  the  recommendations  and  is  currently  writing  a  plan  to  address  the  issues  raised  and  to  move  to   good  in  sixteen  weeks.

The   Executive   Principal,   Richard   Epps,   said   “We   are   disappointed   as   the   lead   inspector   indicated   that   we   were   very   close  to  good.  However,  all  the  staff  are  motivated  to  learn  from  the  Ofsted  and  address  the  issues  raised.”

Monique   Anderson,   Principal,   said   “This   is   a   supportive   report   in   terms   of   demonstrating   the   progress   that   has   been   made   since   the   last   inspection.   I   am   very   pleased   that   the   report   has   reflected   how   well   our   children   behave   and   how   enthusiastic  they  are  about  their  learning.  ”

The   Chief   Executive   of   the   Gateway   Learning   Community,   Kevin   Sadler,   added   “The   inspectors   recognised   that   the   school   was   on   the   ‘ʹcusp   of   good’ʹ.   I   am   confident   that   the   school   will   continue   to   make   excellent   progress   and   will   be   solidly  good  if  not  outstanding  within  the  next  academic  year.”

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