A sunny day out for Thurrock Beavers

A SUNNYbeaver Condovers campsite was invaded recently by 250 Thurrock Beavers for their annual Fun Day. They were also joined by 250 teddies that were able to join in on the activities.

The Beavers and their cuddly friends enjoyed a number of activities including cooking yummy marshmallows over a fire, cork guns and a bouncy castle. There was also the chance to create a scarf and woggle so their teddies could be invested.

The greatest fun was reserved just for the teddies though, as they all slid down their own zip wire!

The day was finished with a wide game where the young people had to be turned into teddy bears themselves. Leaders across the campsite had one of nine different parts of a teddy bear face to paint on the Beavers’ faces, but they had to start with the nose first. This meant lots of running across the site until they found the few leaders who ‘were noses’.

All the Beavers (and their teddies) had a really great time and special thanks have to go to OATS Active Support for organising and running the entire event.

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