MP Metcalfe: “New Growth Deal means more jobs and security for hardworking people in Thurrock”.

STEPHEN Metcalfe, Member of Parliament for South Basildon & East Thurrock has welcomed the announcement of new funding to support businesses and infrastructure in South Essex – helping local businesses to create new jobs and train more young people.

In total over £6 billion of projects will be supported by the Growth Fund across England in 2015/16, with funding being used to deliver better roads and public transport; increase the support for small businesses and young people looking for work; and improve internet links, skills and housing availability, strengthening the local economy and backing businesses to create jobs.

Stephen Metcalfe commented: ‘This Growth Deal is excellent news for local people in Basildon & Thurrock. Over the next few years, hundreds of millions of pounds will be invested in the South East Local Enterprise Partnership area making a huge difference in our area. And because it’s going straight to the LEP, local businesses and local authorities have been able to make sure local people get the biggest possible benefit, with much-needed investment for things like widening the A13 and tackling congestion on the A127.

‘This will help local businesses create the jobs we need so more hardworking families can have the security of a regular pay packet, and will help ensure our young people have the skills they need to compete in the global race. This is a key part of our long-term economic plan, and will help secure a better and brighter future for people here in South Essex.’

Greg Clark, Minister for Cities, said: ‘This is a landmark day for local economies across Britain. National growth is the sum of local growth, so for Britain to prosper every part of the country needs to fulfil its potential. But no two places are the same and the people who live, work and do business in each place know best what their area needs to do well. That’s why we’re backing local leaders to create jobs and prosperity in their own area’

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