Diary of an unsolved crime…..

ON Tuesday July 1st, at around 1500 hrs, a staff member at the Thameside Theatre was working at the box office area of the popular theatre.

They put their £400 i-phone on the desk as they beavered away at admin duties.

For a moment or two, they worked away from the desk, sorting out posters.

In those few moments, it is alleged that a person approached the desk, reached over and stole the phone.

The staff member called security. Area searched, no trace. They then looked on cctv and a person was captured on camera. They all agreed that it was a pretty good image.

They phoned the police and registered a crime. In turn, they received a crime incident number.

The complainer then used the app: “Find my phone” which located the phone to a specific address in Grays.

The complainer told YT that she gave this information to the police.

They rang the police, each day (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) but according to the complainer they did not receive a reply nor any indication that the crime was being investigated.

To be continued…….

Update: YT understands that Essex Police officers were in attendance at the Thameside Theatre on Tuesday afternoon and studying cctv evidence.

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