Thurrock Sports Council: July report

BY Glenda Stephen

THE July meeting of Thurrock Sports council began with an EGM to elect the officers for the next year and to agree changes to the constitution.

The regular meeting was held following the EGM. There were no grants given at the meeting although 2 applications required further information before grants could be given. New members were welcomed to the committee and it is now felt that the Sports Council can continue and promote sport in Thurrock. The group now meets quarterly on the first Monday of the months January, April, July and October.

No longer will clubs be asked to pay affiliation fees but they are still asked to register so that the Sports Council knows which sports groups there are in Thurrock. The Sports Council has a website page on the “find groups” page of the the Thurrock CVS website Registration forms and grant forms can be found on this site. No grants will be given to groups that are not registered. Sporting groups are requested to register with the Sports Council so that it is able to communicate with interested parties and it hopes that sporting groups will inform the Sports Council of events and successes they may have.

The Sports Council is now paperless, so all communication should be via email to

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