Arena Essex: It is all Action Jackson

JASON “Boxer Jack” Jackson won heat and final as the all Ford Granada National Banger Maya Ford memorial once again provided spectacular action for a huge crowd at Arena Essex on Sunday.

The action kicked off in style in the first heat with 64 year old veteran Roy Rawlins, in a Mk2 Limosuine, spinning out Scottish visitor Mark Lumsden in his hearse, before Irishman, Steve McGrath picked up Roy and followed him hard into the turn one fence, seemingly ending both their days… or so we thought. Whilst Roy started consulting a map that he had stowed away on turn one, his earlier victim, Lumsden was trashed on the home straight by a big hit from Kyle Overy. Jacksons route to the chequered flag saw him take out several on the way, including continental visitor Frederik De Witte.

Heat two saw Mark De Laat turn around on the pit bend and meet Andy Cushion in a crunching head on. This kicked off all out war with Mark Marchant destroying Cushion, Tom Hutchings doing likewise to Marchant, Hutchings then falling fowl of James Steele and Ricky Hutton, Hutton then getting a strike from Karel Simmons, who in turn was hit by Karl Douglas. As Douglas took a hit from Lee Pearce, Charlie Daniels destroyed Hutchings with a huge crash. Paul Whiteman took the win as the crowd applauded the pit turn crashers.

A huge crash at the start of the consolation saw the car of Mick Sharrod completely ripped apart by a follow in from Steve Bailey, Bailey having arrived late with a very good excuse…. he got married the previous day! A big head on between Steve Carter and Rob Bugler allowed Joey Palmer, in his last National Banger outing before a move into Stock Cars, to repeatedly crash Bugler until Bugler’s rear wheels were left clear of the track, Carter also falling fowl to a big hit from Maarten Steenbekkers. Steenbekkers attempted another run at Carter until stopped with a pair of big hits from Paul Korpiela and Bailey. Paul Smaldon took the win.

The final was the quietest race of the afternoon, drivers understandably wanting to race for the prize, but there was still action to be had with Korpiela slowing the car of Callum Reed sufficiently for Billy King to weigh in with a big hit. Mark De Laat also fell victim to hits on the pit bend from Dave Bull and Ricky Hutton. The race ended early with King losing a wheel on the home straight, Jackson taking his second win.

The Destruction Derby incredibly saw Roy Rawlins somehow get the Limo back out for another crash, Paul Korpiela happy to provide it in the very early stages. Callum Reed got payback for an earlier incident by going head to head with Korpiela, the latter also copping one from Dave Bull. Another to effect miracle repairs was Bugler, but after a hit to Bull he got a massive shot from Carter, undoubtedly the biggest hit of the day, both cars launched into space on impact. After a short delay to check on Carter, Lumdsen’s Hearse and Steenbekkers Limo came to blows before Lumsden had a hard head on with Sven De Coensel. Bailey finished Steenbekkers up on turn one whilst Douglas finished off De Counsel. The final act was a head on between Douglas and Arian Vorkink, with Alfie Lee earning the Destruction Derby win with the final hit on Vorkink.

The Mini Stox battle at the top of the points chart between Will Morphey and Lauren Overy continued at this meeting with Overy spinning Morphey on the first corner of the first heat, only for Morphey to crash into his brother Charlie, rolling Charlie onto his roof bringing the race to a stop. Will ensured the same wouldn’t happen at the restart, spinning Overy out first, Overy retiring shortly after. Luke Dorling took his first Arena Essex win but took a heavy shunt later in the afternoon that finished his day. Harry Steward won heat two before taking over the lead of the final once Overy had spun out Morphey. But Morphey rejoined and began delaying the leaders. This set up a frantic last lap with Overy spinning Steward across the middle to take the win, Steward bouncing over the kerbs to recover for second place ahead of Charlie Morphey.

The Stock Rod final provided Jamie Lee Potter with his first win for about a year, Potter making a good move in the early laps to get to the front and to establish a cushion between him and the rest. Paul Haralambou and Ian Heffernan were the earlier heat winners.

The next Arena Essex action sees the National Banger Essex Championship head the bill on 10th August with support from the Junior Bangers, Lightning Rods and Mini Stox. Start time 1pm.

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