Health staff enjoy the Big Lunch

ccglunchSTAFF from NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were on hand to chat to members of the public and answer questions about the work of the local health service at the very well attended Big Lunch event at Grays Town Park on Wednesday 30 July.

The CCG was one of many local organisations to have a stand at the event which was aimed at bringing the local community together to take advantage of free summer activities for children and families. There were also information stands from local voluntary groups and other health and social care organisations.

Mandy Ansell, the CCG’s (Acting) Interim Accountable Officer, said: “It was a very lovely atmosphere and I’m glad the CCG was a part of it. We take very seriously our commitment to engage with members of the public on healthcare issues and so we welcome occasions like this where we can go to the people and encourage them to learn about how they can influence health decisions.”

“Since last April (2013), when the CCG which is run by clinicians and other health professionals, replaced Primary Care Trusts as the budget holders for local health services, we have strived to engage with the local population to ensure that the services we commission meet the needs of the people we serve.”

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