Thurrock Tory slams “Clueless Labour councillor” over fly-tipping

ORSETT councillor, Sue Little is not a woman to be ignored. On Wednesday July 23rd she asked the portfolio holder for public protection, cllr Phil Smith a question about fly-tipping.

On the night, he was not in receipt of the information. After a week of being chased he explained that “the relevant officer is on holiday”.

Cllr Little seems a little aghast at the response.

Cllr Little said: “His reply is far worse than I thought; We have prosecuted absolutely no one. Cllr Smith’s response, that he was waiting for officers to tell him the grand total, is absolutely farcical and shows he has no knowledge of his portfolio which seems to be an occurring feature of any of his portfolios he has held. In other words he is clueless.

Regarding the gypsies that have (allegedly) strewn litter all over the borough over the last few months. He and his predecessor did absolutely zilch to collect fines from them and has just gaily spent our taxpayers money to clear the sites.

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