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Hair-raising Sweeney Todd set for the Thameside

Sweeney Todd

Presented by Thurrock Operatic Society

2nd October 2014 – 4th October 2014


SWEENEY TODD is a delicious thriller which is based on characters first written about in the Victorian “Penny Dreadful”.

Whether fact or fiction, the central character, Sweeney Todd is a man seeking revenge for his wrongful deportation, and when he returns to England to discover his wife to have died, plots to confront the man who deported him.

The tale is cleverly unfolded in this musical which is full of twists and turns as well as a few accidental cut throats.

A musical spiced with comic invention all wrapped up in a tongue in cheek gory spine chilling piece of “bump in the night” theatre.

Not to be missed!


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