Newsnight visit Thurrock UKIP (again) while Polly Billington speaks of challenge of "Poisonous politics".

THERE doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without a national news organisation, coming into Thurrock to visit UKIP.

In many ways, you can’t buy publicity like this.

Sometimes, the tone of the journos is a bit akin to a David Attenborough documentary but it just goes to show what a vital race it is going to be on May 7th.

This time, Allegra Stratton interviewed Tim Aker and his band of activists and supporters for Newsnight.

The article focussed on the number of Labour voters who may switch to UKIP.

Ironically, among the activist, proudly wearing her UKIP rosette was Belhus mould campaigner, Dee Lodge, who has campaigned for Labour in the past, was (earlier this year) nominated for a Thurrock Civic Award by the Conservatives and now appears to be at the heart of the UKIP team.

Ms Stratton also visited Labour candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington in the environs of the Pie and Mash shop in Grays.

Polly told Newsnight that the Labour leadership need to realise what a big task they have "Taking on what is quite a form of poisonous politics."

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