Thurrock Tories praise fraud team (and slam cuts to the service by Labour)

THE THURROCK Conservative group has praised Thurrock’s Fraud team for their recent success.

Conservative spokesman for finance, cllr Barry Johnson said: "It is good to see that despite Labour cutting £50,000 from fraud detection, it is still a highly performing service.

"There are too many people out there who see benefit fraud as a victimless crime, when in reality it is every taxpayer who is footing the bill.

Just imagine how many more fraudsters could be caught if Labour hadn’t have slashed their budget."

Conservative spokesman for Corporate Services, cllr Shane Hebb added "The only disappointment in this is the relatively low sentence.

Defrauding both the visa service and the benefit system is an unforgiveable act. Coming to the UK to defraud your tax-paying neighbours is pure criminal, and this warrants far greater sanction.

"Perhaps if the threat of deportation was a sanction, then people would soon start to respect our rules and start living by them a bit more!"

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