Thurrock Council leader John Kent shocked at Option D dismissal

THURROCK COUNCIL’S Labour Leader has written to the Secretary of State for Transport expressing his “shock” that civil servants had dismissed a request to reconsider other Lower Thames Crossing proposals “out of hand”.

In his letter, Cllr John Kent said: “I am shocked to hear from Thurrock’s Director of Planning and Transportation, that at his meeting with the DfT and the Highways Agency last Friday, a request for Option D2 to be reviewed was immediately dismissed out of hand without reference to you. On behalf of Thurrock residents I ask that you ignore your civil servants’ advice and instead respond to the request of local people in Thurrock.”

The director, David Bull, met with representatives of the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency during the last week of September.

The letter explains how Cllr Kent and Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price had outlined their objections to the current crossing plans, their own preferred options and the effect of proposed new crossings in east London at a well-attended public meeting.

He wrote: “We are working together to raise the key issues and want the DfT to fully engage with us. In particular, we would like the DfT to review the current position of considering only two options for the crossing.”

The letter to Patrick McLoughlan MP concludes: “As you may be aware these are the arguments we have put in writing to the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee on Strategic River Crossings and, as I have no doubt our arguments are powerful, we are keen to give oral evidence of our case and to show how Thurrock people agree with us when we hand in our growing petition.

“Thurrock Council wants to work with the Government on these issues. Where to build a new Lower Thames Crossing is a major decision that could have a tremendous impact on thousands of people in Thurrock. We want to help you make the right decision before billions of pounds are wasted.”

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