Polly Billington joins campaign for health checks for Thurrock residents with learning disabilities

THE LABOUR candidate for next years General Election, Polly Billington, has echoed the concerns of Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions over the issue of health checks for people with learning disabilities.

Ms Billington said:

"We all know GPs are under an enormous amount of pressure because of the funding crisis imposed by the government. They have wasted £3bn making the NHS ripe for privatization rather than spending on front line staff who could perform these checks. It always makes providing healthcare harder when money is tight.

"If Labour wins the General Election next May, we will fund 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 more family doctors. That will go some way to meeting this need, but it also requires health care professionals to be willing to deliver what their patients need.

"It is important that people with learning disabilities get the health checks that are appropriate to their needs. I urge all GPs in Thurrock to look to their responsibilities to all their patients, including those ones who are vulnerable. They deserve respect and dignity in healthcare just like everyone else."

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