Review: Sweeney Todd by TOPS

By Joy Hunting

TOPS on Stage are riding on a high following a triumphant production of the musical Sweeney Todd at the Thameside Theatre in Grays last week.

It was certainly their most challenging venture for many years in terms of stage setting and getting to grips with the complexities of Stephen Sondheim’s musical score. Amongst many appreciative comments was one from a regular theatre goer who said that she had seen the musical three times in the West End and thought that this one was better.

Another assumed that TOPS was a professional touring company and wanted to know where they were going next. A prominent member of Thurrock Council was most surprised and impressed commenting afterwards that " I thought I was coming to see an amateur show". Many other accolades have since appeared elsewhere including social media websites.

Now coming down to earth, TOPS will shortly be starting rehearsals for Lionel Bart’s wartime musical BLITZ which will be presented at the same venue next March.

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