Former Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay tells Labour to ditch Ed Miliband

FORMER Thurrock MP, Andrew MacKinlay has urged Labour to ditch its leader Ed Miliband before it is too late.

Mr Mackinlay who was the Labour MP for Thurrock between 1992 and 2010.

In an article for the Mail on Sunday, the popular former Thurrock MP described Miliband as a ‘complete disaster"

Mr Mackinlay said: Ed – for the sake of the party we both love, please stand aside now.’

He goes on to draw parallels with the stewardship of Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot. Both leaders failed to win General Elections.

Mr MacKinlay has suggested that Alan Johnson, Alastair Darling, Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham would be better leaders.

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