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A (Cautionary) Word in Your Ear

ONCE upon a time, less than a century ago, there was a country called “Great Britain”. Great Britain had created an Empire which spanned the World from the Middle East, Asia and the Far East and was a powerful and prosperous country exercising influential authority on the world stage.

The people of Great Britain were proud of the status of their country and celebrated it yearly on a special day called “Empire Day”, however, there were some who disapproved of Empire and sought to discredit it by claiming that Great Britain’s rule oppressed and exploited the people of the countries that were part of the British Empire.

The moral argument will no doubt go on but it cannot be denied that a great deal of good accrued, not just to Great Britain, but also to member countries. Two events were looming which would make it difficult to sustain support for Empires, namely World Wars 1&2.

Both world wars were mainly about protecting the sovereignty of countries from the threat of occupation by an alien force, thus it became increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to champion the creation of Empires. The Second World War ended in 1945 and in 1947 the breakup of the British Empire began with India seeking independence which, inevitably, led to other member countries following suit.

Ever since we have been told that, far from being proud, we should be ashamed of our role and as recompense allow former member countries of the Empire free, unfettered access to this country now referred to as the United Kingdom (UK). The apologists also say that without these immigrants, especially those who came to Britain in the early 1950s, we would not have a National Health Service (NHS) and the UK would be greatly impoverished both economically and culturally and that we owe them a huge debt, the implication being that the people of the UK were the sole beneficiaries.

I make the point that these immigrants and their families have also benefitted and now enjoy a standard of living they could never have achieved had they remained in their country of origin, indeed some of them are even Members of Parliament (MPs), so I would suggest the debt has been repaid with interest and no one owes anything to anybody, the slate is wiped clean. The UK should feel no guilt in controlling immigration from former member countries of the Empire now members of the Commonwealth.

100 years and 75 years respectively since the outbreak of WW1&2 this country is facing a threat to its independence, some would say an invasion, from Europe. I speak of the European Parliament imposing laws and regulations upon the UK which are detrimental to its interests the most contentious, at the present time, being immigration to the UK from other member countries of the European Union.

Our own political parties, with the exception of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), are at odds with what appears to be the wish of the vast majority of the UK population regarding the issue. UKIP, who advocate “controlled” immigration, are accused of being racist and scare-mongering by the other political parties who seem unwilling or unable to tackle the problem maybe because they do not regard it as a problem which flies in the face of apparent public concern.

Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians give the impression of indifference as to how uncontrolled immigration detrimentally impacts upon the lives of UK citizens i.e. employment, wages, health care, housing, schools. Politicians can afford to be complacent about uncontrolled immigration; it is not their jobs or wages that are threatened.

To return to my once upon a time theme, I recall a story titled “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” by Robert Browning. You may well ask what relevance the story of the “Pied Piper” has to this blog. The story is about the failure to deliver on a promise made and the consequence of that failure which resulted in the disappearance of all the children of the town. So here is my cautionary tale:-

Once upon a time the people of the United Kingdom took a terrible revenge upon those that governed them. The people did not trust the politicians and were angry about their failure to deliver on promises made, their greed and corruption, their persecution of the poor, disadvantaged and disabled their support of the rich at the expense of the poor, their arrogance and smugness. The people despaired of the politicians and were frustrated that there was no alternative to the current system and they were stuck with the same-old-same-old.

Then one day the people became aware of the sound of a flute, at first distant and faint, but becoming louder and louder and they liked what they heard and sought out the player and asked his name, which he told them was Nigel. The people said to Nigel, we like the sound of your music and Nigel said if you follow me I will lead you to a better system of government.

And it came to pass that all of the people followed Nigel to his camp called UKIP in great expectation of better things to come. As to whether their expectations will be realised and the story will have a “happy ever after” ending we shall have to wait and see.

To those politicians who may find themselves in the wilderness without support my advice is change your tune and play the music your listeners want rather than imposing upon them the music you want them to dance to.


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