"Blame game" continues over Tilbury floods

A BLAME game has continued as Tilbury residents continue to mop up after the heavy rain and floods, earlier in the week.

One of the worst affected areas was Tilbury with the streets and gardens in the

Christchurch Road, Ottawa Road, Quebec Road and Brennan Road areas hardest hit.

But many residents feel that they have been passed from pillar to post when they complain.

The views of the different organisations are as follows:

A Thurrock Council spokesman said: “The localised flooding is an issue for particular parts of Tilbury.

“The council is working with the Environment Agency and Anglian Water to find both a short-term and longer-term solution.”

It is believed the flooding was caused by a drainage issue.

“It appears there is a problem where an Anglian Water sewer outfall meets an Environment Agency water course.

“However, fixing this is made more difficult by its proximity to the foundation of a road.”

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “We’re aware of the problems with the surface water drains in the Quebec Road area of Tilbury, and understand how devastating flooding is to customers.

We’re working with the Environment Agency and Thurrock Council to understand what is happening and see that things are put right.”

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: ‘We’re satisfied that the main river, which is the Environment Agency’s responsibility, has sufficient capacity to cope with water from heavy rainfall draining into it.

"We are in discussion with Anglian Water and Thurrock Council over the best way of ensuring the water from their drains reaches the main river."

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