The Thurrock General Election Debate: Tim Aker and Polly Billington say yes but silence from Jackie Doyle Price

WELL, we thought it was a good idea.

How about a "televised" hustings for the Thurrock General Election of 2015?

Traditionally, the only husting is one organised by the churches. We went to the one at St Peter’s in Grays in 2010 and although, we found it interesting, the questions were (as it said on the tin) very much faith based.

So, we thought, how about a hustings that covered all the topics.

YourThurrock is now able to live stream via youtube, so we could do that as well as later publish in bite sized chunks, so all the voters could see the debate.

Our "bite sized chunks" pieces for Thurrock Council meetings have all proven very popular.

We had provisionally booked the Thameside Theatre. We had provisionally booked a chair. All we need now was the candidates.

The UKIP candidate for Thurrock, Tim Aker immediately said: "Yes".

The Labour candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington has said: "Yes"

Naturally, both wanted arrangements, rules of engagement etc fleshed out.

We also let them know that we would want all media organisations involved as this may be part of an Essex-wide series of filmed hustings.

Unfortunately, despite a number of invitations, the Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has not replied to our recent invitation. That is a shame.

A year ago, JDP said, that the one husting with the faith groups was best and perhaps we should link with them. A few months ago, when asked for her response to an e-mail inviting the MP to a husting, she said: "What e-mail?" And now… silence.

We can only fit in 323 into the Thameside Theatre and thought that many people, who could not make it (for a whole host of reasons) may use it as an opportunity to find out more about their candidates, before voting.

We have yet to decide whether to crack on and still have the hustings. We are sure that many people would be interested to see Polly Billington, Tim Aker and other candidates (Lib Dem, Green etc) go head-to-head.

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