Cllr Clare Baldwin trial: Mayor calls cllr the "People’s champion."

A CHARACTER reference in relation to cllr Clare Baldwin by the Mayor of Thurrock, cllr Steve Liddiard, was read out in Basildon Crown Court.

The statement was made as the trial of cllr Baldwin in relation to housing benefit fraud was reaching its conclusion.

In his statement, cllr Liddiard said: "Ms Baldwin was a terrific help to me when I first stood for council in 2010. She worked tirelessly and then worked even harder when she stood successfully in 2011.

"Since then she has been the people’s champion for the people of Tilbury who have it tough.

"She has raised ten children and looks after them selflessly. I don’t think she has ever had a holiday".

Cllr Baldwin was found not guilty by a unanimous verdict.

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