Debate: Who was the Grays Athletic "Ballotelli?"

WITH LIverpool’s Mario Ballotelli once again making the headlines, as he swapped shirts with a Real Madrid player at half time, we thought we would pose a question to the Grays Athletic fans on their forum.

The question was: Looking back, who was the Ballotelli of his day at Grays Athletic. That is, a player with undoubted talent, but you felt could have done so much more and just frustrated the life out of you?

YourThurrock’s nomination was Charley Hearn. He was tipped in 1999, whilst a 17-year-old with Millwall, he was named in The Sun as the footballer likely to be a twentieth century legend.

Jordan 1890 said: "Jason Dozzell was infuriating to watch and Dean Howell was always an enigma of a player."

Courtney Act said: "Dennis Oli was such a skilful player with his twists and turns however, the number of times he fell over was unbelievable. A real "If" man.

Butch said:: "Not really is fault but I never felt we really got the best out of Lee Boylan and Simon Thomas was very frustrating to watch.

Muttley said: I would choose Jamie Slabber. You could see, at times, why he played a game for Spurs but he just seemed to turn into an average non-league player.

Parker 1890 said: James Lawton really had something about him but I think many managers considered him to have an attitude problem.

Finally, Forever Blue had a selection.

Nathan Koo Boothe. He made his debut against Stevenage but how?

Danny Snowsmill was the son of the manager. Think that was taking nepotism a bit too far.

Finally, Jude Sterling. Just think our manager at the time, Stimmo, was just trying out new players. Mario had nothing on him!

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