Pamper Yourself This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so set aside time to pamper yourself this Christmas.

When the Christmas lights go up it’s your time to sparkle. But looking after yourself during the busy festive period is not always easy.

Shopping for food and presents, decorating the home and dashing about to catch up with friends and family can take its toll, leaving little time to spare.

But with the party season upon us, you want to look your best and by planning ahead it is possible to find an hour, or even a few, for a much-needed dose of pampering.

Yes it’s a time of joy, but Christmas can also be stressful. A beauty treatment in the relaxing surroundings of a spa or salon is a great way to soothe away the tension and rejuvenate yourself.

Choose a body massage treatment that will work away your worries while using exfoliation to smooth and polish, leaving your skin looking fabulous for the festive party.

It might be a winter wonderland outside, but the cold weather can play havoc with your complexion. A rejuvenating spa facial will nourish your skin, removing dull dead skin cells and restoring its natural glow.

And don’t neglect your feet and hands. With a festive tipple at your fingertips and a pair of strappy heels on your feet, your nails are going to be on show.

For a fuss-free, longer-lasting finish, a Shellac manicure or pedicure should leave your nails protected and coated in flawless colour for 14 days. This can be done in a salon or spa or, for those in the know, you could try doing it at home.

While a spa day could be the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit, in reality many of us will still struggle to find the time.

Pick an hour that you can call your own with no interruptions, dim the lights, stick on some soft soothing music, light a few candles and lie back in a steaming bath. Add aromatherapy scents that appeal to you, lavender, ylang ylang and sandlewood work well.

If autumn was meant to be a time to get in shape, ready to squeeze into that slinky little black number, but you didn’t find the time, some last-minute action may be required.

Body wrap treatments are designed to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, help with inch loss and/or soothe tired muscles. Salons offer different wraps to suit your needs. It is certainly not a permanent solution, but you can lose inches and should see and feel noticeable changes after a treatment.

Then there’s the ‘shrinking tan’. Contour D’Or The Avant-Garde Shrinking tan, priced at around £40, is a two-phase system which uses tanning spray to sculpt and contour and an inch-loss body wrap with active ingredients which are said to continue working for 72 hours.

Want to feel young and hair-free? Laser hair removal, usually provided in a medical setting, is an increasingly popular and longer lasting alternative to tweezing, shaving, waxing or creams for men and women. Popular treatments for women are full-face, Hollywood and underarms while for men it’s back, chest, shoulders and upper arms. Laser devices you can use at home are also available to buy.

Finally, if you are looking forward to a white Christmas, teeth whitening could be an option worth considering. At-home kits are available to buy, but be aware that there are risks, such as blistering and sensitivity. Instead, you might want to seek the advice of a dental professional.

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