Tories demand tough action on fly-tipping

TORY Spokesperson For Environment, cllr Pauline Tolson met recently with A Stanford resident, Mrs Henderson to see the fly tipping at Niton Court, Stanford Le Hope.

Cllr Tolson said "Sadly, there seems to be an epidemic of fly tipping occurring in this area, Mrs Henderson has reported this one, another has been reported to me in Delius Way, The Homesteads, I can’t remember how many I have reported in Rainbow Lane, its off the beaten track but well used by people who don’t want to pay to dispose of their building waste.

"This practice a negative impact on an area, it’s unpleasant to look at while out for a walk or cycle ride with the family, it encourages rodents to shelter under it and may make others think they could get away with it too. If the rubbish is on council owned land then the local authority have to tidy up the mess and pay for it with our council tax money.

"However if the mess is on privately owned land then the registered owner is sought and asked to responsibly dispose of the rubbish."

In the last financial year there has been an increase in fly tipping by 12% with certain areas apparently targeted by professional fly tippers.

Cllr Tolson went on to say "If you employ a person to remove and dispose of goods they must be in procession of a Waste Transfer Licence and you should ask to see it. But it appears Labour-run Thurrock is doing little to prevent this environmental vandalism and needs to be targeting hotspots to catch these criminals."

"Mrs Henderson said" My worry is that if this rubbish is just left here it will be added to and attract vermin."

Fly tips can be reported to the council by telephone, on line or to your local councillor.

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