UKIP MEP Tim Aker to stand in Aveley!

UKIP has today announced that Tim Aker will be it’s candidate for the Aveley and Uplands by-election in Thurrock.

Mr. Aker has said he is running in the area he was born in memory of Maggie O’Keeffe-Ray whose tragic death triggered the by-election.

Tim Aker said: “This is a by-election that shouldn’t be happening. I thought long and hard about this and it’s what my good friend Maggie would have wanted. I am putting myself forward to carry on her work serving the community, my community of Aveley and Uplands. It’s where I was born and a place that I love.

“It is clear that in Aveley and Thurrock more widely, people want a local man who understands the community and the issues we face. I’ve helped residents in Thurrock already and have the resources, time and energy to serve Aveley and Uplands as well.

“I have said as an MEP I am here to serve the local people and it would be my honour do that in the Council chamber, shaking up the cosy Labour and Conservative consensus.

“If I win, I will be donating all of my Councillor allowances to the causes in Aveley that I support and which Maggie did too.”​​

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