Thurrock’s road chief wants your views on cycle-safety proposals

THURROCK’S roads chief – Director of Transportation and Planning, David Bull, is asking local transport businesses to get in touch with him over new cycle-safety proposals in London.

Mr Bull was speaking on Monday (3 November) after it emerged Transport for London (TfL) and the London Councils organisation are consulting on a capital-wide “Safer Lorries Scheme” aimed at banning HGVs from almost all London streets if they do not meet the latest safety criteria.

He said: “The orders have been made, in draft form, and now they’re having a statutory consultation.

“My first thought was that we should make sure the many transport-based businesses in Thurrock needed to know about this, both to ensure they complied and in time for them to take part in the consultation if they wished.

“But equally Thurrock will be receiving several million pounds over the next few years specifically to improve cycle provision here.

“The more cyclists on our roads the better, but equally, the more cyclists on our roads, the more safety provisions we should have. Does Thurrock need its own Safer Lorries Scheme?”

Mr Bull said: “This is something for us all to think about. I’m not seeking a knee-jerk reaction, but would be interested in the considered opinions of any company or any interested person.”

The proposed orders cover all Greater London Authority roads and side roads within the Low Emission Zone. They ban all HGVs over 3½ tonnes maximum gross weight unless they are fitted with appropriate mirrors and side guards.

All representations to the proposed orders must be made in writing and must be sent to Transport for London, 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ, quoting reference Street Traffic Order Team (RSM/PI/STOT) GLA/2015/011, to arrive before 1 December.

Mr Bull said Thurrock Council will formally respond to the consultation and will be happy to report to TfL on responses from business in the borough. To let the council know your views, please email

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