West Tilbury WI: November report

West Tilbury W I report

November 2014

AT West Tilbury WI this month’s speaker John Crates was introduced by Joanne Phillips, he gave the members an insight to his life as a Magistrate. John served at both Grays and Basildon courts and told the history of this work, also funny incidents as well as sad and horrifying stories he witnessed.

One of the rules mentioned, was children under the age of ten are not prosecuted as they are not held responsible for their actions. One eleven year old boy was asked what he thought about being in court his reply was,

‘It’s better than school’. Prisoners’ are given many chances before a custodial sentence is passed. There were many questions and everyone enjoyed the discussion that followed.

President Margaret Camp welcomed visitor Doris Regan.

It was with much disappointment it was announced that the WI Centenary Celebrations at the Tilbury Terminal have been cancelled owing to lack of support.

The Annual County Meeting will take place on 20th March 2015

The AGM at the Albert Hall will take place in June 2015, Joanne Phillips has agreed to be the delegate from West Tilbury WI with several members also joining her.

There is no meeting in December members will be out enjoying their annual Christmas Meal.

Raffle: Prizes were won by Liz Wakefield, Denise Nice, and June Adams.

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