Thurrock Labour’s Polly Billington slams UKIPs Tim Aker over "Fear of Grays" remark

THE LABOUR candidate for Thurrock in next year’s General Election has slammed UKIP candidate Tim Aker over a comment about Grays high street in his election literature.

This week Tim Aker MEP, who is also standing for council, sent out a leaflet demanding the the 370 bus service to Upminster stop in Aveley so people can go shopping outside of the borough.

According to the leaflet, UKIP want to give Aveley residents the option of travelling to Upminster as "Many do not feel safe going into Grays to do their shopping."

Polly Billington, Labour’s candidate to be Thurrock’s next MP, has told YT that she has been working with multiple organisations to find innovative ways of improving the Town centre.

Ms Billington said: "Tim Aker has given up on Grays town centre and instead is urging people to shop away from Thurrock in Upminster.

"I am standing up for our town centre, bringing businesses together to discuss regeneration, working with campaigners to save the State Cinema, and with C2C to get a safe replacement to the dangerous level crossing, as well as talking to the local police about tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

"What is UKIP doing? Doing down local business and playing on people’s fears. If you want to be MP for Thurrock you should be standing up for the whole community not giving up on Grays.

"It’s typical of the way UKIP sets people against each other and comes up with no answers. Where in Thurrock is he going to start slagging off next?"

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